News I Don’t Have a Job But I Need Money

I Don’t Have a Job But I Need Money


I don’t have a job but I need money is being mentioned in every corner of America these days; with high unemployment and businesses closing their doors more and more people are finding it hard to make ends meet. If you’re on a low income, experiencing financial despair or need help with money then there are a lot of organizations and companies that you can turn to for help, if you don’t have a job but need money then please read on.

I want a Job I Want to Have Money

I Need Cash Now

Although there’s plenty of financial assistance available you need to get a job if you’re able to, it’s far more rewarding to make money yourself than to live on small handouts.

Once you start getting income coming in you can find other ways to increase the income by finding a better job or asking for a raise, you could even develop other income streams, the possibilities are endless if you have the right attitude.

I Don’t Have a Job But I Need Money

I Need Help With Money

If you’re looking for a job but haven’t found anything yet you can apply for government benefits in the form of unemployment benefits, if you don’t have any savings or assets then you might be eligible for Extended Emergency Benefit. If you’re thinking about starting your own business then you might even be eligible for Self Employment Assistance which will help you get off the ground, the best place to find all this information is the USA.Gov website.

I Have No Money for Food

Help I Need Money

If you don’t have any money for food then you might be eligible for food stamps, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program helps low income families and individuals with food stamps that you can redeem at your local food store, you can check if you’re eligible on the USA.Gov website.

I Have No Money for Rent

Need Financial Assistance

If you don’t have any money for rent and you’re on a low income then you might be eligible for rental assistance, the U.S. Department for Housing & Urban Development otherwise known as HUD can offer you assistance of apartments that are subsidized, you can even search for your own modest place under section 8 rules and be given assistance in the form of a voucher which you can use to pay as much of the rent as you want.

I Don’t Have a Job But I Need Money

I Have No Money for Utility Bills (Gas, Electric, Water)

I Need Money Now

If you don’t have any money for gas, electric or water bills then you need to contact your energy company straight away before they threaten to cut you off, you need to ask for their cheapest tariff to be made available, if there is a hardship tariff you need to enquire about this.

You can also get help from the government, the LIHEAP program also known as the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program helps low income families keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer, the offer financial assistance to your bills, emergency money if you’re in a crisis and even weatherization for poorly insulated homes. You can find your states LIHEAP program through USA.Gov.

I Don’t Have a Job But I Need Money

I Have No Money for Medical Bills

Help Me with Medical Bills

If you need medicine and treatment and you happen to be on a low income then there is help available. The government offers Medicaid for people who need help with the cost of treatment and prescriptions; another option is Medicare which is designed for people over 65 or those who are elderly, again it helps with the cost of medical care.

Big pharmaceutical companies who engage in corporate philanthropy and corporate responsibility all have patient assistance program, these programs are designed to help people with prescription assistance and possibly treatments that they might need; these companies include, Pfizer, Genentech, Merck and Abbott Laboratories.

If you need money right now then you could apply for a payday loan, you can get a no job payday loan quite quickly however take the time to consider how much you’ll be paying back and make sure you can afford this, if you miss any repayments you’re credit history will take a hit. You could also pawn valuables, again be sure you can repay the money otherwise the valuable will be kept and sold. I don’t have a job but I need money has many answers you just need to be willing to find them.

I Don’t Have a Job But I Need Money
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