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I Hate Cotton … Said No One Ever!

Some of the most popular clothing brands use cotton – the king of natural fiber to make dress shirts, tees, tanks, sweatshirts, sweatpants, underwear and just about every item of casual wear. The reason why this natural fiber is so popular shouldn’t be difficult to guess. Even your ancestors have been using cotton for clothing mainly for its unique ’beat the heat’ properties, and this tradition continues even today.

Cotton fiber itself isn’t attractive, but it is the way Next Level Apparel uses it is what makes it so attractive, durable and comfortable. The manufacturing techniques used by the brand weed out the irregularities of the cotton fibers. The result is a smoother, sleeker and more durable 100% combed ring-spun cotton fiber.

Interestingly, Next Level Apparel has developed 15 customized fabrics that tend to be more attractive and efficient than other fabrics you would come across. Of course, cotton is comfortable in hot weather, and you would always prefer your essential summer wardrobe to have products that are light-weight and breathable.

What makes Next Level Apparel, particularly t-shirts and tanks so popular is the fact that they absorb moisture from your skin and allows it to evaporate by passing through the fabric. As the sweat continues to evaporate, your body temperature is regulated. Although Next Level Apparel is known for its flattering fit, the fabric is held ‘slightly away’ from your skin to allow for greater comfort and better sweat evaporation.

Summer Heat and Cotton
Cotton, as you can guess is an excellent heat conductor which means, it is the most desired fabric when it comes to designing Next Level Apparel for the hot weather. Simply put, this natural fiber does not retain body heat, and you can easily choose clothing made of cotton for all-day comfort even when the outside temperature is high.

Many people love buying cotton tees and tank because they are extremely easy to wash. Surprisingly, even after washing with strong detergents, you would still find the fabric intact. It is better if you wash colored products separately. This will help keep your buy good as new for a long time.

Next Level Apparel Always Looks Crisp
Wearing a burnout t-shirt or even a simple tank by the brand is a great way to get that crisp casual look this summer. You don’t really require replacing your summer closet on a regular basis as there aren’t many durability issues. In fact, every Next Level Apparel creation has the tendency to last for a long time. So don’t wait any longer. Get ready to mix and match GotApparel – Next Level Apparel cotton products and enjoy the ‘sun’ fun.

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