News I keep walking and do not look back

I keep walking and do not look back


Just go away, do not look back even though I cry very long because now we, the two men are not the same world.

If he had said goodbye, please do every step, even behind you there crying and exhausted. But that is my own life, a life he himself stepped out of it. So, keep a sturdy turned away without lingering and worried: ‘You then will be like?’

Day we love each other, he is the person you care for every inch one. I like princesses coddle and rely on him. I felt vulnerable whenever his side, he should be loved and protected. I was her clumsy or accident and screams frequently appear. But he was always there for me whenever I need to ice the knee wound me because one stumble, to wipe the tears of little children they encounter hon bags. He often tap into my head: ‘Stupid, sir, I have to go, but then ran over her, realized he did not miss one day with you, then I will live how?’. On that innocent children and a baby saying: ‘I do not care, you have to be with you for life so they take refuge in him’.

I keep walking and do not look back

But it was the words of the days superficial and naïve. You then also have large, must also learn how to face life with him next whether there is or not. I matured a lot, but every time the brothers themselves giving the baby myself, weakness. Truly, I understand, I need to love and how to live.

In love , when people no longer love, it does not mean betrayal. You know, his heart no longer vibrate before you, my love for you is fading. Not because he was rather pleased man, nor because they make me stop loving guilty, simple, love is the same. It is the feelings of the heart that had been invisible thing, does anyone diversions, who pack it on that take-away to be. I accept the fact that I did not love each other because of heart he does not love you anymore.

Thank you because you had the courage to say goodbye when his affair seems happy. Heart very sensitive girl. From eyes, lips words of love to kiss you indifferent when made me feel anything. But I have not the courage to face. Fortunately, he was frank to force you to look straight at reality.

I admit that, you hurt when you go. She admits that she still loves him, loves much. If possible, I’d like to keep him with you, so that coddle, to the extortion. But when you say goodbye, I do not hold back. Because you know, you do not have multiples, you only live true to myself. But on a limb like that, I do a heart did not have his shadow there.

I tried to stand up alone after the pain, so he relieved smile. I feel a pang of pity in his gaze. This lover who has ever loved me, he just walked away, not looking back. You’re right, I have to learn to do all my life, even when he’s not with you anymore. Therefore, the split times are lessons for children. Just go away, do not look back even though I cry very long because now we, the two men are not the same world.

I keep walking and do not look back
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