I learned to listen to my body

Outstanding female attire, hair usually make us what we give them. Take care of the house and find a healthy and shiny hair.

Healthy and shiny hair: gently cleanse

80% of Americans wash their hair twice a day when 25% of the European to wash three times a week! And these are right! Because it is essential to wash her ??hair without stripping: every three days maximum (if not, beware of excess sebum cause of oily hair ). Choose a product for your hair type (dry, oily, etc..) And a gentle formula which respects the pH of the scalp while moisturizing and softening the fiber capillary.

Healthy and shiny hair: long live rinses

To reconstitute the protective film of hair, regenerate depth and make it more beautiful, go ahead for conditioners. You have the choice on embrarras textures or manuals (with / without rinsing). In any case, leave your pause time indicated on your hair (between two and fifteen minutes in general). Use throughout the year and after each wash for dry hair or damaged, as a treatment for other (twice a week for a month), when the hair listlessness.

Hair healthy and shiny: attention to rinse!

After your shampoo or your mask , it is important to rinse your hair under penalty of the heavier and promote e t dandruff hair greasy . To remove all traces of cosmetics, rinse with hot water long (attention, never use the water in your bath !) until the water runs clear. Finish with a blast of cool water, ideal for strengthening hair and scales give a good shot of shine.

Healthy hair and healthy: The Right Tools

To dry your hair in the rules of art, begin by wringing a towel and use your hair dryer when they are wet and more – and still means thermostat. When you choose your brushes and combs, models prefer natural materials (horn, boar bristle …) that meet the hair fiber. Finally, do not use every day styling product : in the long run, it will stifle the scalp and make hair dull and peps.