News “I Lost my iPhone” - How to locate a...

“I Lost my iPhone” – How to locate a lost iPhone


Just great.. I lost my iPhone. Many of you have probably said these same words before and looked around frantically. Some of you even tried to learn how to locate a lost iPhone by going online. Losing a phone doesn’t seem like a big deal unless it’s new. But when the phone is an iPhone, it tends to feel harsh because of the substantial cost that you incurred for getting it, and also for the loss of data, in case you never find your phone again. If you lost your iPhone device, then don’t give up hope. There still are ways in which you can retrieve it back. Given below are some such ways to find a lost iPhone.

Ways to find lost iPhone

“I Lost my iPhone” – How to locate a lost iPhone

Use you iPhone’s GPS tracker

In case you had enabled the Find my iPhone function on your iphone before it got lost, you have very good chances of finding it back. You may also install any third party tracking app, which can be found on Amazon. Log into your iCloud account or get into the Find my iPhone app. Once you log in, you will b shown a map with your phone’s location on it. Now, you can send an alert to this lost phone from the iPhone alert window. Once this alert reaches your iPhone, it will ring loud for a couple of minutes. So, if you misplaced your phone anywhere nearby, you can easily find it. You can also use these apps to remotely lock your phone or erase the personal data.

Go through all the scenarios

Instead of running around and telling everyone “I lost my iPhone”, try to figure out when was the last time you had it. Back-tracking carefully and collecting your memory can help you find your iPhone. Think back to everything you did throughout the day or the night that you had it before. Ask friends and family if they remember what you were doing.

Contact your local law enforcement center

If you did not enable any tracking application on your iPhone, it will not be possible to locate it using any software. In such cases, you need to report it lost with you local law enforcement officials and let them track it. There are many ways to locate a lost iPhone but if someone stole it, it should be reported. There have been instances of people depositing a lost phone in the police station or even the police finding them within a couple of days. In the meantime, you should change your iCloud password so that in case your iphone was stolen, no one can misuse it.

Still can’t find your iPhone? In the worst case, you might need to buy another one especially if you do not have any insurance on the phone. I’d recommend the iPhone 5S below..

“I Lost my iPhone” – How to locate a lost iPhone

Read the reviews on the iPhone 5S here

“I Lost my iPhone” – How to locate a lost iPhone
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