I Need a Doctor's Excuse for Work

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I need a doctor’s excuse for work, what should I do? It really depends on why you need the dr. note. Did you skip work? Have you had too many absences already? Or are you still sick and need to take off some additional time, but cannot afford a visit to the medical hospital or clinic? It all really depends on what you are looking for. While you may find fake hospital documents, I won’t detail those in this article. I will give you some options though.

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Cannot Afford a Dr. Appointment/No Insurance

This is the most common reason people need a doctor’s excuse from work, but don’t simply go the clinic or hospital to get one. Fortunately, you have some options if you fall into this type of category. Let’s look at a couple of them right now.

Free Clinics: Most counties have public health clinics, where you can see a nurse or medical staff free of charge. This may give you a chance to get the Dr. note you need at no cost. Make a phone call to them and find out if you can get in to see them. This is a great option to keep in mind if you cannot afford an appointment, or are low income.

Phone Calls: If you have a regular doctor, you may be able to give them a call and explain your symptoms to them to get an excuse from work. This may vary depending on the medical staff and the policies of the clinic or hospital.

I can’t get a Note – Now What?

If you need a note for your employer, but you cannot get one, you will have to figure out how much trouble you are facing, and what you can do to minimize the trouble you land yourself in. If this will be a first unexcused absence, you will probably be fine if you simply hold your ground and say you will not spend the money on an appointment for a simple cold or the flu.

If you have missed several days of work and could face discipline action for missing or calling in sick, you will need to try to find a way to minimize the damage if you cannot get a doctor’s excuse for work. Perhaps you can claim a family emergency or that one of your children were sick. Be careful though – once you start the lies to an employer it gets hard to keep them straight and you lose the ability to take a “mental health” day when you are simply burned out.

At least you have some options now when you are saying to yourself; I need a doctor’s excuse for work.

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