I Need Assistance Paying My Rent: What Are My Options?

I Need Assistance Paying My Rent

Most individuals who have been affected by economic crisis would desperately post “I need assistance paying my rent, what are my options?” in some financial assistance forums. Unfortunately, not everyone has found the right answer to their query. The primary reason is lack of proper information. Although, various articles are written in regards to this topic. It is not widely spread unlike other universal information. With that, here are some details of obtaining financial aid in correlation to unpaid lease problems and avoid eviction.

Local Charities and non-profit organizations

Non-profit organizations such as Red Cross offer rent assistance from time to time. You can call any Red Cross branch in your locality. Although, their rental assistance program is not on a daily basis, they can still refer you in churches and other organization that offer this rental assistance program.

In seeking their assistance, one should be able to prove the need for financial aid. Some may require an eviction notice. Interviews may also be conducted. Questions in regards to your income and cost of living may also arise. Just be courteous in answering their questions. Since limited budget is at hand, there are possibilities that not enough money would be given. Always be grateful even do it is not what you’ve expected. This would enable you to seek help again if necessary.

Government programs

In “I need assistance paying my rent” situations, you can always go to federal or government agencies. However, government programs are firmer in terms of their qualifications and interviews. Updating yourself with federal guidelines and regulations about rental assistance programs would enable you to assess your credibility.

County courthouses in your area may be able to help you in regards with your rent problems. Like every emergency funding programs, limited budget is provided. However, they can help and direct you towards the right direction. There are various government programs available that you can seek. People who work in the system would be your best option in regards to reliable information about government programs.

You can also update yourself about “Section 8 – housing choice voucher program”. Basically, the voucher provided would pay a portion of your rent. Upon approval, you have to follow rules and regulations also known as the “family obligations” in order to continuously avail of the program’s assistance. In the states of Massachusetts, Texas and Florida, they have their own type of rental assistance program. You can always contact Human Resources Department for more details.


When it comes to rental assistance programs, you can either opt for a private or government agency. The problem with federal programs is that a thorough investigation is conducted in regards to your income and livelihood. They might even review your bank statements to be sure that you really need it. Nonetheless, considering all your options, it is worth the effort and troubles you’ll experience. Furthermore, you to do various researches if you really want help. Posting “I need assistance in paying my rent” would get you nowhere unless you do your part and extort all possible options by doing a thorough research yourself.