I Need Help Paying My Electric Bills: Where Should I Go?

I Need Help Paying My Electric Bills

Once in a while, unemployed individuals even those with low income jobs find themselves saying I need help paying my electric bills, where should I go. This is a common dilemma especial today that economic crisis is at its peak. Furthermore, the demand in electricity is high. Thus, electric companies would increase their rate every now and then. Lending institutions are the primary source of financial aid. But, this is not a good option especially when you are living beyond your means. You’re just going to worsen your financial situation in the end. Going back to the main concept of this article, where should one seek financial assistance in terms of utility bills?

Electric companies

Unpaid electric bills affect both company and consumer. For this reason, electric companies themselves issue information regarding options on utility bills assistance. You can check their websites for recommended agencies and non-profit organization that can help you financially. Aid can be easily provided if you are a senior citizen, belong to a family with low source of income or disabled. What if you don’t qualify in any of these categories? You can also check their website for organization that offers assistance without strict qualifications. You can gain access to contact numbers and addresses of these types of institutions.

Aside from that, you can also ask your utility company to find ways to reduce energy consumption. Most of these types of home services are free of charge. You can also ask for tips and recommendations you can do to minimize your energy consumption.

Charities and churches

Organizations such as Red Cross and Salvation Army are among the non-profit organizations that offer utility bills assistance. They may require you to provide disconnection notices as a proof that you are really in need of financial support. Unlike government agencies, non-profit organizations do not follow a strict qualification requirements and guidelines. Same goes with churches. If you belong to a certain religious affiliations, you can always seek their help.

The problem with charities and churches is the insufficient funds. You cannot always expect them to assist every now and then. Thus, you might want to broaden you options by typing “I need help paying my electric bills” in your favorite browser. Most results would be centralized on how-to tips. However, with patience and research you will be able to find numerous organizations.

Government agencies

The Department of Social Services is your best option to find federal grants and programs for utility bill assistance. They can provide you with reliable information on the qualifications, requirements and the application process itself in availing federal funding assistance. Furthermore, they can refer you to suitable organizations and churches that can help you.


Finding institutions that can help you settle your monthly bills can be very frustrating. However, with the right guidance and information, you will have an idea on where you should go. This process is never a simple task but it would be worth it once you’ve succeeded. Just keep in mind that these programs are only temporary. You can’t always rely on them for financial assistance. Nonetheless, the next time you find yourself saying, I need help paying my electric bills, you’ll know where to go.