I Stepped on a Piece of Glass, Now What?–How to Get Glass Out of Your Foot

Have you ever stepped on a piece of broken glass and ended up with a tiny sliver of glass stuck in your foot? It often happens not after you’ve broken a glass, but days or even weeks later when you’re walking barefoot around your home and don’t realize that you didn’t get a tiny, sliver of glass when you cleaned up broken glass. Now you’re stuck with a piece of glass in your foot and it hurts! Every time you step the glass gets buried deeper and deeper under your skin making it more painful and harder to get out. So how do you get it out?

The toughest part about trying to get a shard of glass out of your foot is that most glass is clear, making it difficult to see. Glass is also typically slippery and tough to get a good grip on. If you’re not lucky enough to be able to just pull the glass out with your fingers–if you could, why would you be here? The first step is to try using tweezers. If the glass is buried so deep that you can’t reach it with tweezers, try sterilizing a sewing needle and pick away at the skin in order to be able to reach the glass. If your skin is too tough to pick away in order to reach the glass, try soaking your foot in warm salt water first, this will not only soften your skin, but also help to draw the glass out of your foot.

If the problem isn’t reaching the glass, but getting a good grip on the sliver of glass–you know, you can see the glass but it keeps slipping out of the tweezers, try using nail clippers instead of tweezers to grasp the shard of glass and pull it out. Nail clippers will allow you to get a better grip of the glass and try to pull it out.

If the glass is buried too deep, you may need to try using a suction method in order to draw the glass out of your foot. Try placing a glass bottle in boiling water in order to get the bottle hot to the touch, but not so hot that you can’t place it on your skin. Place the mouth of the bottle over the glass and keep placing it and pulling it up in order to help draw out the sliver of glass via suction.

If none of these methods work, you can try these methods for getting a shard of glass out of your foot or if worse comes to worse, you may need to see a doctor.