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I Was Rejected by Abraham-Hicks

Not Acceptable for The Abraham Hicks Cult

If you’re like me, you probably thought cults were open to anyone willing to join up and subscribe to their belief systems, however extreme or conventional, especially when cash transactions were likely. Really, I thought new members were more likely recruited than volunteered since volunteering for extremism is rare. But, at least for me, the Abraham Hicks Cult being juiced on the tightly controlled Abe Forum is different.

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(April 27, 2011: Just a quick update. This article was posted on an Abraham Hicks Fan Page or two (Yes, this spiritual leader manipulates the content on multiple fan pages and forums). An interesting thing happened. ‘Fans’ are allowed to claim they read this article and comment on it. Here is an example: ‘Gotta say I read all this from a neutral perspective, and its total crap, based on nothing, coming from a deeply confused and non spiritual person. in summation Lol @ this. Not a big surprise, and of course, completely lacking in detail and certainly not commented here on the original. The interesting thing is that the managers of the forum delete any response from me, regardless of tone of content, which further enhances perceptions of their running a cult and refusing to acknowledge contrary arguments.)

Abraham Hicks Online Before The Cult and Only Boring

Year ago, excited by endorsements from Wayne Dyer and Esther and Jerry Hicks claim to have invented the term, celebrated in the wildly popular move and book, The Secret.

I was a pioneer member on the forum, exchanging ideas and hearing about others’ experiences. Indirectly controlled for content by Esther and Jerry Hicks, it got old fairly quickly because it lacked real discussion, which should have indicated cultism right away, and because everything but praise of Esther Hicks and her teachings was banned. You couldn’t compare Ramtha, for example, or your favorite sports teams. One night, a friend and I got slapped for being ‘off topic’ when we were playfully arguing about which of our teams the law of attraction would favor.

After that, I left the boring Abe Forum, except for an occasional look back in to see if anything interesting was going on–nothing was–but I kept my hand in for research purposes. The phenomenon was as fascinating to me as others, and I was curious to see how far Esther Hicks and her marketing guru husband, Jerry, a successful, high level Amway huckster, could take it. Fact was, she came up with good ideas, even if none of them were new, and her warmth and sense of humor being what they were, you didn’t have to buy full into the channeling claims to lounge in the experience.

I wrote a few on-line articles, mostly positive, about the Abraham Hicks operation, still not thinking strongly that this was a cult. Mostly, they sat quietly and drew lots of viewers. Then, some interesting things happened, motivated by Esther and Jerry Hicks hopes of creating new revenue streams that would let them spend less time in public on the road.

Abraham Hicks marketing ramped like crazy in late 2010 with a push for over-priced guided meditation CDs. Marketing hard for Christmas isn’t odd, but this, given the content, was remarkably sleazy and misleading.

Mobilizing the predatory tactic of substituting sales blurbs for Abraham sayings on a subscriber list, Jerry resorted to such goofy tricks as quoting Abraham, alleged to be a conglomerate of approximately one-hundred nonphysical beings, including Jesus, saying, ‘These will get you into he vortex!’

Dead people schilling products? Who was on the team that cooked that one?

Esther and Jerry Hicks Abraham Scam

Once the flood gates open, of course, you never know what will come down the sluices. What came after the guided meditation splurge was a surprise, an initiative so bizarre it was actually sort of funny. Again hijacking the Abraham sayings subscription list, Jerry Hicks announced that Abraham was going LIVE. (His caps) They were going to rig up the technology and re-engineer their live workshops to broadcast them for a mind-boggling price worldwide.

The New Abraham Hicks Scam: LIVE

An accumulation of this and other evidence had led me to believe that Esther Hicks was angling, with Jerry’s management, to rope in followers in a cult, but as they also seemed to be harmless and, honestly, not very interesting, even as thought-free cults go, I moved on to other subjects with more buzz.

Then… then, I followed a thread from one of my Squidoo lenses and discovered that I was being discussed on their forum. It was all pretty innocuous, as this group is of the clean cut, grinning Moonie type. A woman who was shaken by my conclusion that Esther Hicks was faking Abraham came to the forum to ask for opinions. She got ’em too.

Most were very reasonable, although essentially of the what you don’t look at will not harm you type. A few had live and let live takes, but one woman claimed that somewhere she’d had a ‘rip roaring time’ demolishing my arguments. Never heard of her, by the way, and most comments have been in agreement and, in private, grateful.

One guy with a seriously macho avatar claimed he knew Esther was honest because he was good at knowing when ‘a woman was faking.’

Something New: Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks Reconsidered

I decided to join the discussion long enough to congratulate them on their reasonableness and to let them know that I respected differences of opinion and wasn’t challenging them personally, just expressing opinions about Esther and Jerry and what I believe is an Abraham Hicks Cult. Others have called what they are doing a fraud, but I don’t think it ever rises to the level of anything illegal. Just sleazy.

That’s when I found out that I was banned. The administrator since the beginning and rigidly compliant with Esther and Jerry Hicks’ standards, refused to let me join. He sent me an email, telling me I was not up to their standards, without specifics. When I went back today to at least read and gather accurate quotes from the thread, even if I couldn’t join in.

So, there still are people out there who see threats in open debate and discussion. Usually, they are doctrinaire locations and often, like this one, religious and aspiring to strange beliefs and prone to shunning anyone who disagrees. In the end, there are serious risks involved in walling yourself off from outsiders.

If your beliefs are so frail you’re unable to defend them, you’re hanging by a weak thread and subject to the whims of charismatic figures available to provide comforting guidance in exchange for cash or other forms of tribute.

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