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I Won’t Let Anyone But Rick Butler in Atascadero Service My HP Printers

Butler Business Machines

Reviewed By: Barbara Radisavljevic on March 9, 2015

I have been using the services of Rick Butler for over ten years. He has always been helpful above all expectations, provided great service, and has honestly analyzed my problems. I have always been satisfied with his repairs.

Rick Butler at work in his shop.  ©B. Radisavljevic

Business Hours

9 AM – 5 PM, Monday through Friday


5914 Entrada Ave. Atascadero, CA 93422

Phone: 805-466-5500

You Receive

  • Quick Reliable Service
  • Fair Prices
  • Professional Competence

I Found Rick Butler by Word of Mouth

I heard about him from a friend several years ago who knew I had printer problem. I had always consulted this friend about all things that needed fixing. He told me to take my malfunctioning printer to Rick Butler. He had already met Rick and used his services. So I took my Hewlett Packard inkjet printer to Rick and he fixed it. Since then I have always taken my printers to Rick for repair.

When I found I couldn’t print my taxes a few years ago on my inkjet printer, Rick told me I needed more memory. He happened to have a used HP LaserJet 5L which had expandable memory. He sold it to me at a very reasonable price that included installing enough memory to meet the added printing requirements of my tax program.

When I bought my iMac four years ago, it wasn’t compatible with the LaserJet 5L and Rick didn’t have a used printer around that was compatible, so I had to buy one somewhere else. He was very honest with me about what I would need. I only regret I couldn’t buy it from him.

Excellent Service

I don’t live in Atascadero, so I don’t enjoy making trips there when I don’t have to. When I have had an urgent need for quick service, Rick has often let me drop the printer that needs repair off at his shop and he has fixed it while I did other errands in town. Then he’d call my cell phone when it was ready for pick-up.

Many times Rick has helped me troubleshoot something over the phone so I could fix myself . This has included figuring out how to open my printer to fix a paper jam. He gave me step by step instructions and stayed with me on the phone until I had finished the job. I know many shops that would have insisted on having the printer brought in for service instead, even though I had an urgent need to get something printed and into the mail immediately. Rick understands how important it is to save his customers time if he can. I trust him when he says the printer needs to come in. (I might add that by this time I was a regular customer.)

When you do need to take your printer to him, he will help you get it out of the car and into the shop and back if it’s too heavy for you. Sometimes there isn’t a parking place right beside his door, so this service is really important for those who are disabled or simply can’t lift anything heavy and carry it very far. When I went in today to take photos, I noticed they have put a timed parking zone in front of the shop, so it was easier to park right in front.

The last time Rick got me out of a jam, his service was above and beyond anything I would have expected. I had stored my ‘obsolete’ LaserJet 5L in a closet for five years. In December I had surgical spine surgery and wasn’t allowed to be in a car for two months, so I brought all my computers to a house in Paso Robles where I would live while healing. My main computer there was a Windows 7. I needed a printer because we were in the midst of some real estate transactions for which I had to print documents that were emailed to me so we could sign them and my husband could fax them back to our agent from the other house. I called Rick and he told me the old 5L in the closet would be compatible.

My LaserJet 5L I Bought from Rick Butler Still in Use. ©B. RadisavljevicSo after five years in the closet, I pulled the LaserJet 5L out, set it up, and it seemed to work, but the print was light. I wasn’t sure the documents would be dark enough. I needed a toner cartridge. Staples is almost across the street, but when I called, they couldn’t find one in store or online. In desperation I ordered it from a third party Amazon seller. It had evidently been on the shelf too long before they shipped it, and it seemed worse than my old one . I called Rick to make sure it was a faulty cartridge problem, and he confirmed it.

Then he said he had one in stock. While I was figuring out the logistics of my husband getting over there to pick it up for me, or our getting back from my appointment with my surgeon the next day in time to pick it up, Rick offered to bring it. He said he was going to be coming my direction anyway the next morning and he’d leave it on my porch for me, along with the bill. And he did. He knew I had special needs that made the trip very inconvenient and he provided extraordinary service. (Over the years we have developed trust for each other, so he knew I’d pay him.) From now on I will always try Rick first for anything related to my printers. I know he is reliable.

Rick Can Fix Most Business Machines

Rick Butler in Butler Business Machines shop, Atascadero, ©B. Radisavljevic

I was amazed today at all he had in the shop. Not only was there a wide variety of HP printer cartridges, but there were rows of used printers for sale or waiting to be picked up. He also has cables. He was helping some customers while I was taking the pictures.

Butler Business Machines in shop. ©B. Radisavljevic

There were even electric typewriters and parts for them. You can see one of them beside Rick two photos above this. Here are some of the parts.

Print Wheels  for Typewriters  ©B. Radisavljevic

Here are some more electric typewriter parts you probably haven’t seen for a while.

More Typewriter Parts, ©B. Radisavljevic

If Your Printer Can Be Fixed, Rick Can Fix It

You can’t go wrong taking your HP Printer to Butler Business Machines for servicing and repair. You can also be confident about buying Rick’s used printers. He stands behind them. There is a good chance he may even have the accessories your printer needs. He probably can fix your other business machines, as well. Give him a call to find out. I would never take my printers anywhere else.

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