Ibiza for kids

Ibiza is the Balearic island famous for its nightlife. Hailed as the party capital of the world, clubbers and pleasure-seekers head to Ibiza year after year for its relentless onslught of all-night hedonism. However, it’s not all about the clubbing. No, really. In spite of its wild reputation, Ibiza remains an ideal holiday destination for families seeking a child-friendly, relaxing beach break. Eliminating the beaches that are geared more towards thrillseekers and couples, I’ve narrowed down the ideal beaches for families to visit in Ibiza to three contenders.

Ibiza for kids, SeekytThe first of these is the peaceful beach resort of Cala Vadella, situated just ten minutes’ drive from San José.Cala Vadella is about half an hour’s drive from Ibiza Airport when you take an airport taxi transfer, or a little longer if you take an airport shuttle, as this stops along the way. The beach at Cala Vadella features fine white sand that slopes gently into the sea. The sea itself is clean and safe, with shallow waters close to shore, making it ideal for small children. The sea here is great for swimming and snorkelling, too. It’s a pretty large beach, which means that even in the height of the summer rush, it rarely feels busy as there is so much space. Plenty of restaurants, bars and shops are within easy reach when you tire of sunbathing and paddling, and you can also hire a pedalo or learn to scuba dive at the dive school.

My next choice, for the perfect Ibiza resort to take your children, is the impressive Cala Llonga, which has one of Ibiza’s largest beaches. Cala Llonga is situated close to Ibiza Town, and the resort is just twenty minutes’ transfer journey from Ibiza airport. Aside from the expanse of golden sand, cafes and snack bars, and shops, there is also plenty to amuse kids, both small ones and the big kids amongst the adults. For the children, Cala Llonga is equipped with a playground and miniature amusement park, whose presence makes a nice change from sandcastles and paddling in the sea. For grown-ups, there are a wide variety of beach activities on offer, such as parasailing, windsurfing and waterskiing. For those who prefer to keep their hair dry, a spot of beach volleyball is a great way to get moving and have some fun.

Ibiza for kids, Seekyt

Ibiza for kids, SeekytSanta Eulalia, 21km from the airport, is the third contender. It is quieter than the majority of other resorts, and has a long-established reputation as the cultural hub of Ibiza, as well as offering some of the finest dining on the island. From its art galleries and great restaurants, to the beautiful nearby yacht marina and exclusive shopping, Santa Eulalia has plenty to keep adults amused. If you manage to land a babysitter one evening, sneak out to the Guarana music bar in the marina for a chilled club experience that is more suitable for those of us who have left our twenties gratefully behind us. But what of the children? Of course! Well, Santa Eulalia’s gorgeous sandy beach and clean, shallow waters are safe and fun for children, and you can rest assured that you’re in good company with your energetic, noisy offspring.

One thing to make certain of when booking your Ibiza family holiday, is that you’re staying in the right hotel. There can be few things worse than finding yourself the only family in a hotel full of clubbers, who are up until dawn, being drunk in the hallways and loud in their hotel rooms. The mere thought of it when you’re dealing with light-sleeping under-5’s is enough to bring on a nervous breakdown. So, yes, do your research and book a suitable hotel. An even better option is to rent a villa in the right location on the island, and you and your partner can enjoy dinner and wine by the pool whilst the children sleep. Whatever way you plan to spend your family holiday, rest assured, Ibiza has plenty to offer!