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Ice Maker Not Working


If your ice makers not working, let me show you an easy way to fix it even if you’re not mechanically inclined. I even walk you through it on the video below. Yes it’s true you don’t have ice and it’s blazing hot but fixing your ice maker might be as simple as replacing the ice maker motor module.

The best-case scenario would be for your refrigerators warranty to be in force and you get the motor module replaced for free. If that’s not an option, you could replace the motor module yourself. Doing it yourself may not be as hard as you think. If you have average mechanical skills and it’s easy to get to your ice maker, you can do this job in 20 – 30 minutes or less. It’s as simple as testing the motor module, removing the old motor module, and installing the new motor module. You can go from ice maker not working, to ice maker working in no time.

Testing the Motor Module

If your ice maker sounds like it’s trying to work and then it shuts down, that could mean that the motor module has gone bad and needs to be replaced. If the light in your freezer isn’t on, that could be a sign that your ice maker is getting power but the ice motor module isn’t working. This could be the reason your ice makers not working. To test the module, you’ll need a circuit tester to see if the motor module is getting power.

An inexpensive tester with a light bulb indicator will do the job. To check the motor module you’ll need to remove the guard cover and use the circuit tester to test the circuit. (My Whirlpool refrigerator has holes in the front of the module that I stuck the ends of the tester in to test the circuit). If you don’t read power across the tester (if the light doesn’t come on) your motor module may be the problem and it might need to be replaced.

Removing the Old Motor Module

Turn off the water and power to the refrigerator before you do anything else. To remove the bad motor module on some brands you’ll need to remove the screws in the front of the motor module and the bolts that attach the ice maker to the wall of the refrigerator. Then you can disconnect the power harness that connects to the motor module. Use the specifications on the motor module or from your refrigerator users manual to buy a new module at a local appliance parts store or click here to buy an ice maker module on

Installing a New Motor Module

Work in reverse to install the new module. Start by connecting the power harness. Then use the bolts to put the ice maker back on and the screws to install the new ice maker module. Turn the water and power back on and use the circuit tester to check for power across the motor module. If the motor module was the problem, light on the tester should come on and your ice maker should start making ice.

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Ice Maker Not Working
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