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If you need Icing teeth whitening reviews and tips to whiten your teeth and keep them that way then you have come to the right place. In this article we look at what customers have to say about Icing teeth whitening and also give a guide on how to whiten your smile and how to look after newly whitened teeth.

How Long Does Professional Teeth Whitening Last and What Can You Do to Increase this?

Teeth whitening can last anywhere between a couple of weeks to a few years, it all depends on you. Think of whitening as an investment because what you do after the whitening procedure will dictate how long the effects last. The primary things you do that are important are general dental care, eating, drinking alcohol and caffeine, and smoking. Nicotine and caffeine are the worst things you can do for whitened teeth as they will stain them yellow very quickly. If you want your whitening to last avoid these substances at all costs. Fast food and alcohol can also damage and stain teeth but with careful dental health practices you can negate their effects a little bit.

Can All Teeth Be Whitened and Can My Teeth Be Whitened?

Not all teeth can be whitened. Sometimes the stain is too deep for whitening to take effect and sometimes the coloration can be caused by another, more serious issues such as nerve damage or cavities. Also, whitening procedures cannot be performed on people with gum disease or open wounds. This even includes wounds caused by flossing or vigorous brushing so ensure that you brush carefully and avoid flossing in the days leading up to a whitening procedure. Also make sure to use mouthwash and brush twice per day int he months leading up to the whitening to ensure that you do not have gum disease.

Teeth Whitening Tips and Tricks for a Brighter Smile and How to Make Your teeth Whiter Overnight

There are a few things you can do at home to give yourself a brighter smile. The first is brushing your teeth with a high-quality toothpaste twice per day, flossing after meals and using non-alcohol mouthwash in the morning. The next piece of advice was mentioned earlier but bears repeating, avoid nicotine and caffeine at all costs. It may be hard if you are used to drinking coffee and smoking but if you want a bright smile these have to be the first things to go. Once you have these under control you can use some preliminary home whitening methods to see how far you can get without paying for a professional whitening service. One great method that a lot of people have success with is making a paste of baking soda, salt and a small amount of water. Apply the solution with a toothbrush and let it sit for five to ten minutes.

Reasons for Teeth Whitening Not Working

The first problem that you could be experiencing is a simple gradual improvement instead of a sudden one. Some people will experience overnight whitening but many others will have whitening happen gradually over many weeks. In this case it can be hard to notice how much whiter your teeth actually are as you have had time to get used to them. To overcome this issue you can have your dentist take a photograph before and after whitening every couple of weeks. This way you can compare and see the actual progress. Be suspicious of dentists who are unwilling to do a photographing service for you. The next most common issue is that there is another issue causing the ugly coloring of your teeth. This should usually be found out before whitening, but it isn’t always. Ask your dentist if you have other problems if you feel like the whitening isn’t wokring for you.

Zoom! Tooth Whitening London Services

Zoom! teeth whitening London is becoming more and more popular and people are even travelling from afar to use the service. The Zoom! service is well-known for the way it tailors it’s whitening services to each of it’s individual services. If you are close enough to visit you should make it one of your first options

How to Make Your Teeth Whiter Overnight – Icing Home Teeth Whitening

Icing teeth whitening is becoming extremely popular and is becoming one of the most well-received home whitening services. Icing offers a stronger product then most dentist products and this has led to a mixed reception from customers. Many customers love the overnight effects and quick treatment times but some dislike that it can make their teeth sensitive and can burn their gums and lips. One customer had the excellent suggestion of using Vaseline to prevent the Icing chemicals from contacting the gums and lips, and this has worked very well for some people. On the whole icing teeth whitening reviews from people who are using the product are positive and they consider it a great home product.