Many people simply don’t realize all of the things that can be done with custom silhouettes from companies such as However, the fact is that with a little creativity and patience, there are many ways to display these gorgeous silhouettes that are both beautifully and professionally made.

A Family Tree

One cool idea is to draw a tree with lots of branches on one wall of the house. This might be in a kid’s bedroom, in the family room or even in the formal living room. The next step is to paint the tree to make it look as real as possible. Then, hammer nails into the walls to hang each family member’s silhouette on the correct branches of the family tree. One cute idea is to place each small silhouette in a cool frame. Then, tie a piece of ribbon to each frame. The final step is to hang the frames from the nails using the ribbon. Kids really love this idea and enjoy seeing how all of the relatives are connected. This will be the focal point of the room as well as the conversation piece.

Family Groups

Another cool idea is to have all of the family’s silhouettes made. Be sure to include all members of the extended family as well. The idea is to put the silhouettes in frames of the same color to make them look like a piece of cohesive artwork. Then, hang the family members in family groups on the wall. This is a really good idea for a large, empty wall in the home. One neat idea is to use the empty wall space next to the staircase in the house. Everyone will enjoy seeing the profiles while they go up and down the stairs. Just be sure to hang them in straight rows, so they look nice on the wall.

Family Reunion Games

Another cool idea is to play games using the custom silhouettes at family functions. For example, put all of the silhouettes out on a table, and let everyone guess who they are. The person who gets the most answers correct can win a prize. Another fun activity is to let each person try to find his own silhouette when it is mixed in with everyone else’s. These games can provide hours of fun as it is exciting to see how each custom silhouette turns out in the end. Once the games are over, the silhouettes can be placed in an album for everyone to enjoy for many years to come.

Custom silhouettes from companies like also make great gifts for birthdays or Christmas. Imagine seeing the smile on the recipient’s face when such a special gift is opened.

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