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ID Template Driver’s License


How to Succeed in Making Driver’s License ID Card

The process of making an ID template driver’s license is quite challenging due to the technological know-how attached to it. You can use drivers or personal ID cards for lots of purposes that range from business related issues. These cards have information like full name of the owner, exact address, contact person in cases of emergencies. It is more personal when it has photo displayed on it. This photo serves as an easy means of identifying the owner if the card is eventually misplaced. The personal or driver’s ID card can be laminated to avoid water and dirt from spoiling the surface. Apparently, making this ID card can be a worthwhile venture if you adhere to the directives involved. Below are some useful tips which could be applied while making your own personal or driver’s ID card.

Taking the Picture

Locate a blank wall in a good lighting background and stand your back against the wall. Let someone take you several pictures such that you can choose the best and save the photos to your computer through the help of your USB cable which will be used to connect the camera to your computer or you can decide to upload the photos from a storage card pending when it will be used in making your ID card template driver’s license. Having done this, the next thing is to open the photo on your computer from wherever you saved them and select the best amongst them and shorten the photo to measure 1 ½ inches by 1 ½ inches. The photo should be from shoulders up and save it with a name you will always remember. As you progress, open Paint on your computer. Click on “File” from the menu at the top of the page then click “Open”. Go through your files to identify the shortened photo you saved and double click on your photo to open it. Click the “Select” button which appears like a box made out of dotted lines, from the toolbar at the top most of the screen. Click the upper corner of your photo and rotate the mouse to enable the select tool outline your picture. Click “Ctrl and C” together to copy your picture to the clipboard on your computer.

Making the I.D. proper

In order to make the ID card template driver’s license, you will be required to click on “File” from the toolbar at the uppermost of the screen. Then click on “Properties” to adjust the photo to the size you want for your I.D card. Select 2.6 inches by 3.58 inches for the size. If this size is not available, select a size which is very close to it. The normal ID card size is three inches horizontal by two inches vertical. A blank white card will be displayed on your computer screen in the Paint program in the dimension you asked for.

Finally, the last stage involves printing and laminating your ID card to suit ID card template driver’s license pattern. This can be concluded by placing the printed ID card in a lamination card cover and pull off the paper and press determinedly to put together the front and back sides so that it will be airtight in the seal.

ID Template Driver’s License
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