Ideal Size, Should I Cut or Bulk

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this is a quick one that has been coming up, especially because spring tryouts are coming around as well as the new freshmen will be starting their workouts soon.

Bottom line, there is ideal sizes, but it is not worth worrying about. For the most part, there is nothing you can do about your size. It is mostly based on pure genetics, as the saying goes, ‘you can’t coach height.’ as a growing teenager, your body is in all sorts of weird dimensions. Some parts are growing faster than others, and there are times where you will go through a big growth spurt. Between my JR and SR years of high school, i grew an inch and packed on 35lbs of muscle. i had to buy all new clothes by the time school started, and all i took was protein shakes and a little bit of hard work (mostly mother nature though). Worrying about how big you should be will not change how big you really are. It does not matter how big you are, but how big you play.

i know of plenty of guys who all have decent size, strength and speed, but cannot play football worth a damn whether it is because they are uncoordinated or are just plain untalented. The best way to be a great player is to play to your strengths. Mike Alcott’s strength is running people over. LT’s game is all about out running/juking you. Yes, both backs can juke and deliver a solid blow, but both lean more to one’s side. If you’re not that fast, make up for it in being a physical player and create separation by putting the guy into the ground. Don’t have the physical/natural aspect of the game? Make up for it by studying your ass off and becoming a mental player and out thinking your opponent.

Now I’m not saying be content with what god has given you. I’m saying be honest with yourself in what you can and can’t achieve. Just because you’re 5’4′ 125 lbs., I’m not saying you shouldn’t be in the weight room. Yes, work your ass off, but don’t get down on yourself because you’re not 6’2′ running a 4.4 40, because the reality is this: very few people have it all. Work your ass off and be the best you can be, whether that’s at 235 or 115.

Should I Bulk or Cut?


An athlete is completely different from a typical bodybuilder in many ways, especially in this matter. Bodybuilding is almost entirely broken down into 2 categories, bulking and cutting. Bulking is basically increasing caloric intake and reducing or dropping cardio all together. The goal of it is to build overall mass. this is then followed by a cycle of ‘cutting.’ cutting is going on a caloric deficit (typically 1500-2500 cals/day) and cutting out almost all fats, but mostly just not eating as much combined with high amounts of cardio. This is aimed at dropping or ‘cutting’ overall body fat percentage thus allowing every little cut, bump and vein to show up.

In all reality, both of these are bad for athletes in their normal bodybuilding capacity. Going on a bulk can be great for increasing overall size and strength, but what it lacks is any sort of training to allow the body to accommodate to its larger size. On the most basic of all levels, it makes you slower and less coordinated. Cutting is equally as bad as it prevents growing athletes from consuming a lot of the calories needed to recover from their workouts, but also just to maintain homeostasis (a healthy balance of the fluid volume, temperature, chemicals and minerals in the body).

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Ideal Size, Should I Cut or Bulk, Seekyt
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