News Ideas and Tips on How to build a vertical...

Ideas and Tips on How to build a vertical garden for small spaces


If you live in an apartment or condo or just don’t have much of a yard but enjoy gardening I am going to help you on the subject of how to build a vertical garden for small spaces. Vertical gardening in small spaces is only as restrictive as your imagination. If you can think it then you can grow it. You have to be creative and willing to put the effort into creating a succulent vertical garden.

One thing you can do is familiarize yourself with what kind of materials can be purchased at a home and garden centre whether the materials are found in the gardening section or the home building section. The next thing to figure out is what you want to grow in your vertical garden. It makes planning your space easier if you know what you want for vegetables.

Vegetables that do well in a vertical garden are peas, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and hot peppers. You can come up with your own favourites but from my experiences these veggies do quite well growing in a vertical garden.

A vertical garden can be created by sticking a large trellis in a few large pots or small garden area or if you are on a balcony you can use something like chicken wire attached to a wall and hanging down to a few pots. You can use a piece of plywood and attach hooks and wire or string all over creating an environment for vegetables to cling to and grow.

Another favourite of mine is to use large tomato cages for growing cucumbers in. Cucumbers will fill up the tomato cage nicely and will also be easily picked when ready.

The growing tendrils on cucumbers and peas will find the wire or string you have laid out going upwards quite easily. Other plants might have to be coaxed and weaved in and out of your stringing material. The idea is to ensure whatever you are growing is able to grow upwards safely without falling over and breaking whether you have to coax the plant or it grows naturally. Tomatoes will need support, especially the larger beef steak type plants.
Tomatoes can now be purchased in hanging baskets as can strawberries.

Whether you use stakes, trellis, tomato cages or pieces of wood make sure the structure you set up for your vertical garden is strong enough to handle the weight of the plants and possible wind pressure. Take the time to do it right from the beginning and you won’t end up wasting your time when the structure falls over and kills your garden.

Be creative. Build small boxes and screw them to plywood to make tiers. Poke around your building centre and see what you can come up with. I hope I have inspired you to help you build a vegetable vertical garden for your small space.

Ideas and Tips on How to build a vertical garden for small spaces
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