Ideas For Non-floral Wedding Centerpieces

Weddings are grand events that are usually full of pomp and revelry. One of the most common elements in weddings are flowers – these are often generously used to decorate wedding venues. While the use of flowers in weddings is still here to stay for a long time, a growing number of couples are exploring other options other than flowers.

When it comes to church décor, it is often unnecessary to utilize a huge amount of flowers especially if the church is as beautiful as Binondo Church or as intricately designed as San Agustin Church. Just a few floral arrangements are enough to make the church interiors more festive.

It is an altogether different matter when it comes to reception venues, especially since there are a lot of venues that provide very bare interiors to allow more design flexibility. In reception venues, flowers are well-used by catering services in Manila and everywhere else in table centerpieces. For those who are trying to get away from a very floral wedding reception, shifting the materials for the table centerpieces towards non-floral materials is a good option. Below are some ideas to help you.

Candles. These are the most common materials used for non-floral table centerpieces. Not only do they come in elegant and beautiful designs, they also add to the overall ambiance of the reception. Having candles on your guests’ tables add luminescence while providing a dramatic effect as well.

Shells. These materials, along with pebbles and sand, are also favorites particularly for beach-themed weddings. Collecting seashells and other things that will look good on a beach-themed centerpiece is easy enough. The best part is that it does not even have to cost you anything.

Christmas tree. If seashells are perfect for beach-themed weddings, a holiday-themed centerpiece arrangement is excellent for those getting married on December. Simply look for small tabletop Christmas trees and dress them up with small Christmas decors as well. You may even want to put your wedding favors in small gift boxes and put them under each table’s tree.

Fruits and vegetables. If there is anything that can replicate the lively and colorful effect of flowers, it would have to be an arrangement of fruits and/or vegetables. You may use stylish baskets or glass containers to hold your edible centerpiece materials. Choose good ones that your guests might be interested in bringing home so as not to waste any of them.