Ideas for Practical Jokes for Children

Humans tend to have a sense of humor that can be culturally dependent, so it’s sometimes easy to find ideas for practical jokes for children. That can be seen when there are jokes that will work in some countries and will leave people completely baffled in other countries. Some people like to play practical jokes on others but that can be a double edged sword. Some practical jokes can be quite universally funny but others can be cruel and embarrassing. When you have kids, you might be looking for ideas for practical jokes for children. As a parent or as an adult, it is best not to encourage children to play practical jokes because they can be dangerous and children tend not to be able to evaluate danger. That said, there are still funny practical jokes that you can play with your children that safe.

Have Friends Over

A good idea for practical jokes for children is when your kids might be having their friends over for sleepovers. If they decide to pitch a tent outside; you can record the sound of wild animals and scare them blue just when they are about to go to sleep. The sound has to be loud enough to make them jump. It will make you chuckle and make their sleepover memorable.

Online Gags

If your kids are Internet junkies, you can play a practical joke on them by discreetly disconnecting the Internet cable. This might get them flustered if they are used to spending every single free time on the internet. You don’t have to reveal the secret but you can just watch them lose their mind and run around trying to find something else to do with their time. This might appear to be cruel but you might be surprised by quickly your kids might find something else to do with their time.

Cheap Practical Jokes

There also practical jokes you can play on your children by spending a little bit of money. You can make them use their imagination by sticking little coins around the house sporadically. This is a little crazy but it can be fun to watch if you can glue few coins to the pavement near your house and see the little kids in the neighborhood trying to get free money. You will be surprised by their dedication and desire to get out the little coins. This practical joke for children will also entice adults who will likely bend over to pick up the coins thinking it will be easy.