Ideas on how to save money in this terrible economy

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It’s not a secret that times are tough right now for millions of people all over the world and even right here in North America. Thousands of homes are being foreclosed on every year. Thousands of people seem to be losing their jobs every year as well. I have read that in some areas things are starting to turn around but when I look around I still see people unemployed and many homes for sale at ridiculously low prices in the USA.

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Regardless of your situation whether you are working and making a lot of money or just enough to get by everyone can use a reminder on how to trim expenses and actually save some money.

If you are not making much money you need to watch your spending and if you are doing ok financially you still seem to need to watch your spending because it doesn’t appear to matter how much people make they spend according to their income and usually spend more than they should whether you make 30,000 or 80,000 a year. It is all relative.

Some things you can do to start saving money today are things like assessing your current expenses and check to make sure you are not spending where you don’t have to be. Do you have extra phone services you don’t really use or possibly you can switch to a different service that better suits your needs and ends up being cheaper. Do you really need 300 TV channels? Are you watching all of them?

Can you remortgage your home for a longer term so your monthly payments drop? Do you really need to have a gym membership if all you do is go there to socialize or possibly to sit on a stationary bike? Maybe you can cancel your expensive gym membership and start riding your mountain bike outdoors and get some exercise and fresh air at the same time.

How about downsizing your car if all you do is drive back and forth to work do you really need an Escalade? Probably not.

Keep track of everything you spend money on and ask yourself if you can do better for every single cent you spend. You might surprise yourself that after a few weeks of doing this you might be saving a few hundred dollars or even more a month.

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Ideas on how to save money in this terrible economy, Seekyt
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