Ideas to Entertain Toddlers While You Have Morning Sickness


Being pregnant is a wonderful experience. But there are certain moments of pregnancy that basically make you want to cry. If you already have small children at home, then going through the initial symptoms of pregnancy like morning sickness, crankiness, extreme exhaustion, frequent urination can be difficult.

When I was pregnant with my last baby, I had “morning sickness” all day until the very end of my pregnancy. I already had an almost two year old at home to care for as well. It was very hard. And I am pregnant again, this time with an almost four year old and an almost two year old at home. So things are even more tricky than before. I am in the peak of my morning sickness and extreme exhaustion phase.

What to Do With Toddlers When You Have Morning Sickness

I find that in the early stages of pregnancy, I often feel like a failure of a mother. I feel so exhausted that it is hard to find energy to take my kids out or do fun things with them. You should not feel like a failure. This is just a short period in your life that will pass. You will not always feel so exhausted and sick. Don’t feel bad if you cannot do all that you did with your kids before.

I like to take the kids into one room, like the playroom or the living room and close the door. If you don’t have a door you can use baby gates just to close off the rest of the house. With younger toddlers this is helpful because you won’t need to follow them around the house. When you’re nauseated, you just can’t keep getting up every few seconds.

Fill this room with lots of entertaining activities for your child. Blocks, puzzles, play food, and cars are all excellent toys that promote use of the child’s imagination and as a bonus are quiet toys. You could also have some busy bags ready filled with quiet activities for the child. Reading books to your child is a nice quiet activity that you can also do that won’t take a lot of extra energy.

If you can take your child outside and even just sit in a chair while they play, I have found this actually helps with nausea. There is something about the fresh air that is refreshing. I often find that I feel way too sick to go outside, but if I actually get up and just do it, I feel so much better. I like to have lots of toys in the same area outside so they will have lots of entertaining choices.

Try to avoid using the tv, but don’t feel too terrible if you turn it on a little. Make sure you choose educational and age appropriate programs. I don’t like too much screen time for my kids but I have also found some great educational apps on my phone that my almost four year old loves to play. It entertains him and educates him during those few minutes when I just have to sit down and rest with him. This is our current favorite app.