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Identify Travel Guidance for Your Cat Transport

If you are planning to move to a different city and you are fretting over what the travelling would do to your cat, then you are at the right place. It is actually a matter of concern for your pet cat. Pets are really sensitive to long-distance travel. Thus, it is imperative that you prepare them for travel and give them everything necessary to avoid a stressful experience.

For all the cat-owners out there, here are some really useful tips that are not very difficult to follow when it comes to cat transport:

Familiarity with crate before the trip

It is important that you let your cat get accustomed to the crate. Cats can be sensitive to the change. Thus, it is important that they are comfortable in the crate where they will be spending some hours in. Make a comfortable bed in the crate, and place it in your cat’s favorite sleeping area. Do not force the cat to go inside the crate.

Instead, it’s better to leave the door of the crate open and let him sniff it at his own pace. When he will get comfortable with the crate, he will automatically decide to sleep in it.

Keep your cat indoors

Cats are given the gift to sense change, but they are usually not happy with it. They often try to run away when it is the time to move. Thus, it is better to keep the cat indoors few days before it is the time to move; until or unless you want to spend hours in the neighborhood, looking for it.

During pick-up time

When it is time to go, make sure you spend a lot of time with your cat. Be in an upbeat mood, and try not to get too emotional. You need to convey to the cat that everything is alright. It is also important that the cat is confined to a small room till it is put in the crate, and it is time to go. Cats often vanish on moving day.

Prepare the crate well

While bedding is fine in the crate, make sure it is not too bulky, or hot. Chances are there that bulky bedding can get caught in cats’ paws, causing unnecessary discomfort. In addition to this, keep one more thing in mind, not to put heavy things inside the crate, since they cause discomfort in the event of turbulence.

Feed the cat well

Before departure, feed the cat well, and make sure it has littered. Do not place the food inside the crate. It is even much better if you make a couple of food packets in zip-lock bags, and stick them to the outside of the crate. In the event of delays, the cat can be easily fed.

Leave your contact information clearly on the crate

Delays are possible in the course of travel. However, to avoid getting your cat anxious, make sure you have written your contact information clearly on the crate. Your contact information should include your name, your address, and a working cellphone number.

Give your cat time once it arrives new place

Arrival is an important part of cat transport. Before you open the crate of your cat, make sure the door is locked. They might be dizzy after long travelling, and may try to run away. Sometimes they become moody when it comes to eating and drinking.

Thus, if your cat chooses liquid instead of having food, don’t be distressed about it. Usually, they take some time in between two days to a week to get customized with their new environment. A good way to fasten this process is to get back to your usual schedule as soon as possible but don’t force your cat. Give it some time. Have patience. In fact, giving it its own separate room for some days is a better strategy. For more details about Cat Transport, please click here and get an ultimate solution for your cat transport.

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