I`ve been watching the Sochi Winter Games on TV, and all sorts of things came to my mind. I mean it is encouraging that all those athletes come together in the name of the games, fair play or whatnot. But come to think of it a little harder, there are sports that are literally idiotic.
Take for example bobsleigh. One or more people speeding along an icy tunnel just for the hell of it. I mean put inside the damn sleigh three sack of potatoes, and you get the same result. Or take curling for another mind-boggling example. They are sweeping the ice before a stone-ball.
Now if they were doing all these for their own fun, I`d figure it would be OK. But these guys are spending enormous amounts of money just to have their stuff on track. In other words, spending money on bullshit, while there are starving children, broken families, handicapped people out there.
It`s like the Mad Hatter asking Alice if he`s already gone astray. Damn straight he has. As one thing is having a piece of bread-and-butter all day, and another owning a personal jumbo-jet.” Who gives a spit?”- these people seem to be asking. As long as we can promote our stuff through the mass media, and it sells along the Colgate toothpaste, we can sit back and enjoy our Stalinskaya vodka in peace.
As long as there are people paying for cable-TV, we can stick anything we want down their throats. Give with one hand, and take it with the other.
Can one really enjoy himself when the other is gone crazy or is looking the other way? Because basically that`s what most people do: look the other way. What is really entertainment? A sick way to going back and relive our missing childhood strives? Or some dozen chaps telling millions what is trendy or what is the correct way of using a fork when one eats? We don`t have to be philosophers to try and look behind the dirty curtain. Try and read some Orwell before you damn me for writing these down. Some say people were beginning to understand him at one point. Is a straight line the shortest between two given points?