If You Are A Fan Of Belva Plain Try Reading These Authors

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Belva Plain was the reigning queen when the Family Saga was king of popular fiction. Plain dominated best seller lists in the 1980s with her formidable, touching novels of families and the women who kept them together. In latest years she has up-dated her writing method to reflect modern style. Belva Plain is at her most impressive creating clean-living, inspiring, heartwarming family Histories, taking place during important stage of American history.

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Whether Sagas or contemporary novels of Women’s Lives, her slow-paced novels focus on characters. Rather than depicting refined upper class heroines, Plain writes perceptively about females who share ideals with her readers. They are self-reliant women who are forced to face up to complex trials in their domestic lives and occupations but who find happiness, regardless of disappointments and impediments all along the way.

Plain sees her tales as reflecting both sadness and wittiness in her very real characters. Social subjects enter several books, and pushes the heroine into a fight with dilemmas common in modern life. While Plain’s technique seems conservative, she still relates a compelling novel, with and occasionally unexpected endings.

Barbara Taylor Bradford is a comparable writer that fills her stories with stable female characters on both home and professional fronts is. Her award winning Harte family series, beginning with A Woman of Substance 9780312935573, St Martins Press 1980, shares many resemblances with Plain’s novels : independent female protagonists who run their homes along with economic domains; detailed settings and accouterments of costumes and traditions; love and misfortune.

Howard Fast, creator of bestselling historical literature and more, has also created an settler Chronicle that gives a lot for Plain’s fans. Although he initially centers concentrates on Dan Lavette in The Immigrants, 9780440139881 Dell, 1979, the rest of the Saga pursues descendant Barbara. Her battles, as well as her emotive resiliency and emphasis on relations, ought to please Plain’s readers.

Fans of Plain’s recent stories ought to try the stories by Nicholas Sparks, whose down home characters struggle with complicated conditions, deal with misfortune, and eventually obtain love and resolution. Like Plain’s books, his poignant novels stroke a chord with his readers. Try Nights in Rodanthe, 9780446531337 Warner Books Inc., 2002, with its uplifting story of love rediscovered again by a pair wounded by existence vicissitudes.

Julie Ellis‘s write Chronicles featuring Jewish-American women. Historical and cultural details are blended with political subject matter into her stories of compelling women making the most of their lives for their descendants. Far to Go, 9780821748541 Zebra, 1995, is the story of campaigning reporter Fran Goldman, who must recreate her life when it is nearly destroyed by a fanatic’s bullet. Although she offers more uninhibited sexual situations than Plain, Ellis still writes novels that echo similar themes and feel.

Barbara Delinsky does not craft family chronicles, but she does create forceful emotionally involving, character-centered stories of women who have faced tragedy and survived. Like Plain’s, Delinsky’s female protagonist are commonplace women, who prove unusual in the intensity they display in cope with tribulation.


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If You Are A Fan Of Belva Plain Try Reading These Authors, Seekyt
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