iGravitate Review

iGravitate is a stellar performing software package in emarketing or electronic marketing. Whether through social networks, e-mail marketing, or blogging, iGravitate automates the process of compelling sales leads to your mlm sales campaign.

iGravitate is a sales lead generation system which is complete with all the tools and training necessary to capture a targeted audience and ultimately convert them in to loyal patrons.

List building is a known way to make money online. iGravitate incorporates an astounding sales lead magnet that invites others to experience the iGravitate presentation. These leads will then look to you as the most knowledgeable person who can answer any questions regarding iGravitate or even be willing to learn about your primary business. Regardless, cold calling will not be in the equation. Once the sales leads are done with the iGravitate presentation, oftentimes they call you!

Once the mlm sales lead is attentive to what you have to offer that is when you step up in your business savvy and closed the deal by sharing how the iGravitate system may suit their business pursuits or how that your own primary business may suit them as well.

Others will be gravitated to the iGravitate system due to its captivating appeal and value. Once you join for $30 a month you can sign up others as referrals to iGravitate. You will earn 20% commission on the first level. You can then earn 10% from the first referral your initial referral gets to sign up and use the iGravitate system.

The training within the iGravitate system is rendered by actual internet marketing coaches. They provide video training on free advertising techniques such as: social networks, free classifieds, blogging, article directories, forums, SEO (search engine optimization), and pay-per-click. Should you be inexperienced, don’t be overwhelmed. iGravitate has an entire component catered to the newbie!

My Lead System Pro was going to be my choice until my husband showed me a professional musicians video about iGravitate. I guess you can say that I was gravitated to this product.

It has everything I need and was easy to implement. The training and instructional videos are excellent. Furthermore, it is priced affordably. This is not to discount the quality by any means. My Lead System Pro has a lot going on. I felt iGravitate was a bit more conside and to the point without the excess. Excess may be good for some, but I am well pleased.

I use iGravitate to market my Global Domains International mlm business and here shortly will use it for several others. iGravitates gets me leads and the Global Domains Internatinoal product of $10 web hosting with the .ws domain name sells itself!

iGravitate provides knowledge to the sales leads on how to:

-attract targeted traffic to your website for free
– convert cold leads into followers
-convert followers into buyers without calling anyone
– increase earnings per lead
– get prospects calling you
– and gain Massive Leverage by duplicating proven online principals accross your team

and these are all primarily what the sales leads are looking for.

Get an upclose glimpse of iGravitate for yourself by reading this emarketing blog.