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Illegal Immigration Facts


Statistics allow us to justify our stance on an issue. Whether it’s misquoting data or not asking the correct questions to get the full picture, it’s easy to make something appear as we see it. The same is true when quoting illegal immigration facts. It’s easy to make illegal immigration look good or bad but it’s very difficult to truly get the real position on a topic.

The reality of the situation is that many Americans don’t like the idea of illegal aliens (human beings by the way, way to go with this dehumanizing label) entering the US unaccounted for. In America’s post-cold war, ironclad, freedom-restricting era of today, American’s feel they have the right to know everything about everyone all the time.

Take a really close look at the situation. What’s the difference now and between the witch hunts of Salem? Well, one of the main differences is that the Salem witch hunts mainly went after women, but then the self-important moved to blacks were they could go after men, women and children with a clear conscience and now the evil wicked immigrants that really want to go to the US to work. It could be worse; they could want to go to the US to not work. The problem is, as most of us now know, we were wrong during the Salem witch hunts, we were wrong during the lynching days of bleach-white America, and what about now? If history shows us anything, it’s that society is always wrong, not 90% or 95% of the time, all the time. The societal mob mentality is ignorant.

The amount of time, effort and money cost because of the fight against the illegal immigration issue whether maligned or not is huge just like the fight against drugs and terrorism is huge. The cost is not just monetary but tappers into America’s policy making, elections, personal rights and freedoms and into the psyche of the paranoid, uneducated American. Why are you wasting all this money in the areas it is being spent on? Are there better, more human oriented areas where it could be spent with better results?

Statistically, the average American family is spending $1,117 a year towards supporting illegal immigrants. How much is being spent to prevent people from smoking marijuana? That means marketing, just say no etc., time and effort, law enforcement salaries and budgets, prison costs, lives, associated crimes, future ex-convicts (nice label, these are actually humans again) and felons, those evil despicable people that actually have paid their price for their mistakes and actions, who can’t get jobs and are subjected to the most humiliating and inhumane set of restrictive human rights, regulations and impositions because the by a brain-washed moral majority think that they are dictating the rules. The restrictions put on these people will ensure that they live a life similar to the bad, low-tax paying, benefit utilizing illegal immigrant’s lives, except they are Americans.

We can look at an apple and focus all our attention on the beauty and health aspects of that apple, on how wonderful it tastes and the importance of its significance. We can also focus on the worm or the pesticides or the bruised skin and insects that have at one point walked on the apple. From here we can focus on how to make the apple even better and more beautiful or we can focus on how to get rid of all the bad apples.

Illegal Immigration Facts

$52 Billion is being spent to educate children of illegals (we need a label here for them, children is just too nice, how about illdren or something). If we stopped this, we would have $52 billion worth of uneducated children wondering around the streets. Look at the streets now and see how what we produced with the $150 billion worth of educated children. Alternatively, we could use that $52 billion putting them in jails and for deportation. We could use it in their native countries too, but that is going a bit far as there are many problems in the US that need to be tackled.

Illegal Immigration Facts

There are many other illegal immigration facts that are problems and have to be dealt with, the cost to the federal and state governments, the amount of welfare benefits being paid to illegal immigrants, the amount of illegal families receiving benefits, jobs lost to Americans and the problems in these migrating immigrants problems that going to America is the solution for. The list goes on and on.

Illegal Immigration Facts

This article is biased and tries, perhaps ineffectively, to shed other sides on the issue. However, there are always at least 3 sides to any issue and illegal immigration facts are one of them. Narrow mindedness prevails in politics and society and it’s time history looks at illegal immigration statistics from a more robust perspective so communities can move forward and not stagnate.

Illegal Immigration Facts
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