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Illegal Immigration Statistics


There is a lot of discussion about illegal immigration statistics. Here is the current geopolitical reality. In the next 2 decades the baby boomers will be out of the work force and retired. In the next 2 decades the world population will have already begin to shrink. In the next 2 decades developing nations, with the advent of advances in communications and technology, will have begun to get their houses in order economically and the large pool of potential immigrants will dwindle as potential immigrants will choose to stay in their own homelands. The discussions about immigration in 10 years will not focus on illegal immigration but how to promote successful immigration.

Currently in the news we are subjected to unlimited amounts of facts, figures and statistics intended to paint a dark picture about the ill effects of illegal immigration. Facts stating that there are currently up to 38 million illegal and legal immigrants in the US. The reality is that there are over 300 million. Statistics show that there are currently almost 12 million illegal immigrants in the US. In the future, this type of number will become a dream number that politicians would die for as the need for immigrants of any status will become one of the ‘first tier’ political topics of not having enough workers.

Illegal Immigration Statistics

Another claim is that low paid illegal aliens are taking jobs from America’s poor. In the near future, there will be a shortage of labor worldwide as never seen before in history. Any able and willing body will be employed and will be offered incentives to work beyond current incentives. The face of immigration will change from the authoritarian type agency of today to that of a finely polished PR marketing firm. The uniforms and equipment will change. There will not be a need for immigration departments to have guns or the discretionary power they have today. They will have an even more powerful use of discretionary powers but from an incentive base capable of enticing immigration.

Statistics are skewed to show that an amnesty program that currently costs over $10 billion annually will jump towards $30 billion annually and unskilled immigrants with legal status will burden social programs as well as pay lower than average amounts of tax due to low wages. Future immigration policy will be ripe with financial incentives begging immigrants to come to the US. The cost of these financial incentives will make $30 billion look like a drop in the bucket. Wages will increase as well or you will simply not have any people to do the work. In addition to this, everyone in America is an immigrant. To say that these legal status immigrants will continue to be unskilled is just not realistic. When you follow generations of immigrant families in America, this statistic just doesn’t reflect reality.

Mandatory workplace verification measures will potentially reduce the illegal immigrant population by 1.5 million. Is this a good idea? This is exactly the opposite measure you will need in 10 years’ time. The marketing campaign cost to fix the image of US immigration worldwide will be staggering and unsuccessful. Successful immigration will then have to resort to incentives and higher paying jobs to entice immigration. The costs of the workplace verification measures, marketing clean cost and incentives and increased wages in the future just do not make any form of sense unless you are a little boy and are trying to flex your muscles and show people how much money you have.

Considering that the Mexican economy will soon be one of the top 10 largest economies on earth, do you think that Mexicans will be purchasing American products or producing products and services for Americans to buy? Do you think Mexicans will want to migrate to the US? Do you think Mexicans will forget the mistreatment at the hands of US Immigration and the State and Federal Governments?

Illegal Immigration Statistics

With the baby boomers retiring at a younger age than ever before in history, there will be more retired people living requiring products and services than ever before in history as well. The financial burden baby boomers will experience during retirement will deplete 401k funds and they will sell their assets. They will survive though and because they are have the highest percentage of voters as well as the largest demographic group in the future, policies will be senior heavy.

Illegal Immigration Statistics

Service industries will have major shortages of labor and the costs of employing service based workers will skyrocket. Services will become expensive and only seniors will be able to afford them as younger working-aged people will be burdened with taxes from their higher paying jobs. Immigration laws will change as seniors demand.

The current issues about illegal immigration statistics are just side tracking the reality of what is really happening. Immigration attitudes need to be changed and these changes will be forced upon America economically in favor of immigration. The American public should take control of political issues instead of being baited into discussions about topics that are going to work themselves out with no intervention at all. The retirement age in USA is a real issue that politicians don’t want to discuss because it is a very complex issue that does require intervention and will not work itself out in favor of the average American unless you start electing a new breed of politicians with better skills, more accountability and more transparency, which is exactly what the current brethren of politicians does not want.

Illegal Immigration Statistics
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