I'm Totally Confused with AdSense!

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Hello Seekers!

No, today I won’t be wirting anything fun because I’m totally confused with AdSense earnings here on Seekyt. I know there’s a lot of good people who will explain it to me, especially the Admin who is always reachable and supportive. It seems I got paid for clicks not views, so is it true? I thought we get paid for viewing advertisements not clicking them. Here’s some screenshots of AdSense app on my smartphone.

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I'm Totally Confused with AdSense!, SeekytI'm Totally Confused with AdSense!, SeekytI'm Totally Confused with AdSense!, Seekyt

The first day I had about 20 views and 1 click and got 0,33€. The second day I also had about 20 views more, but didn’t get any new income. This morning I had about 50 views and also no further income. Then I got 2 clicks on ad and I instantly got another 0,31€.

Now something a bit more interesting

After all that confusion I’m sure someone will respond and explain it to me. Okay, enough with that.

By the way, this is my fourth post which means that I don’t have to wait for my posts to be approved by Admin. I have about 80 topics to write about, which are written in my phone and meant to be posted on Bubblews, but since they’re no longer paying out I joined Seekyt and now these 80 (hopefully) fun topics will see the light of the day here on Seekyt. ‘What Does Your Family do For Living?’ was one of them. I hope you liked it. As a blogger/writer I come up with some topic I’d like to write about during the day and then I write it down in my phone so I don’t forget it.

Thanks for reading my post.
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I'm Totally Confused with AdSense!, Seekyt
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