Imagining a World with a Zero Waste System

When trying to understand the benefits of a zero waste system, it’s best to better take into perspective what is actually being wasted each year to get a better idea of the impact that such systems can have upon society as a whole. For this example, we will look to America, a country that produces more waste than nearly other. America is one of the world’s top waste producers, and produces an unimaginable amount of waste every year, waste that could be repurposed and avoid hitting the landfill with a zero waste system in place. We’ll dig into some facts and then present the positives of a waste repurposing in this article.

How Much Waste is Created in America?
According to last studies – which were conducted in 2008, and which could be relatively larger today, several years later – the average American produced an estimated 4.5 pounds of waste daily in this nation, according to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Given the 2008 estimated population of this country at that time (300 million people approximately), that’s a mind boggling 1.3 billion pounds of waste that was created every day, or about half a trillion pounds of waste tossed each year. Now that you better understand how serious a problem waste and landfills are, isn’t there a better solution?

Zero Waste System

How Garbage Impact the Environment:

The tragic matter at hand is that while a good portion of this garbage does make it to the landfill each day, a lot of it also does not. Instead, it litters highways, it fills street corners and alleys, and it ends up in the ocean – where a floating island of plastic bottles estimated to be greater than the size of Texas currently sits impacting the ecosystem and harming the environment. The garbage can often seep toxins deep into the ground, too, ultimately harming wildlife and polluting underground water sources. There is, however, a viable solution that could reverse this negative and deleterious pattern, found with a zero waste system solution.

Waste control Management
Benefits of a Zero Waste System:
The zero waste system solution centers upon the ideal that most waste can be reused and repurposed. Under this premise, recycling centers and garbage processing plants would be retrofitted with powerful new tools and machinery that help process waste and make it reusable. For example, many or most of the raw materials found in waste can be repurposed when they have been reconditioned. Assuredly, there would need to be newer systems put into place, and people would have to be educated on such newer methods of waste disposal, so it could be reused. With zero waste processes in place, some experts estimate that nations like America could reduce the amount of waste that hits the landfills by as much as 70 percent or greater. Can you imagine how remunerating the environmental impact would be if 200 trillion fewer tons of waste was being tucked into landfills each year? Imagine what the worldwide impact of a zero waste system could spell for humanity as a whole in the sustainability of our environment for the next generation.