Impact Activated Foam Air Soft Targets

Impact Activated Foam Air Soft Targets: It’s All about the Game’s Safety

Impact activated foam air soft targets have made good impressions in regards to air soft’s safety and scoring method. In a battleground, where shooting an opponent is the objective, there instances that a game turns into detrimental zone. This is primarily because pellets may seem like a harmless weapon. But, with extreme force applied, it can cause severe pain. In correlation to game scoring, through its built-in impact sensitivity, winners can easily be declared. Before going further, what is impact activated foam and its relation to air soft?

About air soft

Basically, air soft is a live simulation game that features target shooting like wars where in teams are formed. However, unlike real wars, this is for plain entertainment, sport and hobby suitable for adventurous individuals. If you are familiar with the computer game “Counter Strike”, this activity would somehow fall under that concept. The difference is it is played in real life. Thus, like its video game counterpart, you must be physically and mentally prepared to attack and defend yourself before trying it.

There are numerous benefits one can gain by playing this game. Aside from enjoyment, camaraderie, strategic skills and fitness are also developed through this activity. With the development of impact activated foam vest, the game has become safer and more accurate in terms of scoring.

About impact activated foam air soft targets

The main purpose of impact activated foam air soft targets is to serve as body protector. In appearance, it can be described as vest with multi-functional pockets. However, unlike typical vest, it is made of foam with built-in sensors.

As mentioned earlier, in this type of game pellet guns are involved. Although, air soft pellets are characterized as not lethal, pain can still be experienced. Thus, the use of foam works in two ways. First is to act as a barrier. The foam used in this vest serves to protect the skin or the upper torso from extreme force resulting to pain.

Second is to serve as the scorer of the game. Since it is impact activated, any forms of collision made by pellets can be easily detected at the end of the game. If you consider manual counting as an option to name the winner, this can be very time consuming and tedious for the one counting. Thus, this type of apparel definitely made a breakthrough in different simulated games of target shooting. With this type of innovation, more and more individuals tend to try and experience the thrill of being in a simulated battleground.


Safety is a number one issue in any physical activities. Although most adventurers seek the thrill of an adrenaline rush, knowing ahead of time that injuries are inevitable is something no one would voluntarily try.

Air soft is a growing sport. Almost everyone today, regardless of gender wants to experience a battlefield simulation game. However, in order to promote it as a remarkable activity or sport, rules, precautions and safety measure should be first establish. However, impact activated foam air soft targets a fine line was made between safety and harm.