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Health Importance of a Healthy Pool

Importance of a Healthy Pool


Clean, sparkling, fresh water! Does it seem enticing? Don’t you want to jump right into a pool that’s fresh and healthy? But what if the same pool has algae, dirty water and unkempt tiles? Would you still want to jump into such a pool? Chances are, you wouldn’t!

After all, dirty pools are unappealing and one of the leading causes behind sore eyes, ear infections and rashes as well. In some cases, regular swims in a dirty pool can also result in baldness and skin infections among other conditions. That’s why, you need pool services to ensure that you can swim in a healthier swimming pool. Read on to know the factors that affect your swimming pool’s health and how they can be handled.

Reasons why your pool is unhealthy
Chlorine is often used in pools around the world. It can help in cleaning water, but too much of it can result in ear infections, sore eyes and rashes. Another reason that’s making your pool unhealthy is the algae. These microbes can make the pool dirty, forming a cloud on water. If left untreated, it can form a greenish layer on the water, effecting the pool’s health. Other factors, such as dirt and accumulated sediment can also make your pool dirty. Swimming pools that are used after longer intervals or used too frequently tend to get dirtier more often. Pool servicing and maintenance should be undertaken on regular basis to ensure that sediments and water don’t clog pipes or the water doesn’t freeze in pumps.

Importance of a Healthy Pool

How to have a healthy pool
Unfortunately, there isn’t a foolproof solution when it comes to removing debris or sediment from the pool. But you can always have a filter to clean them out. For other factors, such as algae and dirt, prevention is better than cure, so make sure that you deal with maintenance needs of your pool before microbial or chemical problems arise. Test the water regularly. Buy a pH test kit from the market and regularly check the acidic or alkalinity of the water. Add the right elements to the water in case it needs rectification. It is recommended that the pools should be serviced every few months or weeks to ensure that no pipes or pumps are clogged.

Opt for pool service plans if you need proper maintenance of your pools. Maintenance companies can help clean grout and tiles in your pool, ensuring that you never have to worry about the health of you swimming pool. It is recommended that regular users should opt for a weekly or monthly maintenance package, with a specific maintenance facility for the winters to ensure that the water doesn’t freeze or the pipes and pumps don’t burst.

Do yourself a favor- keep your pool clean and sparkling to enjoy an incredible swimming experience. Remember, timely prevention and regular pool services can help in avoiding costly maintenance bills.

Importance of a Healthy Pool
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