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Importance Of Cow Milk In A Baby’s Diet

It is absolutely all right to use some amount of cow milk in cooking for babies older than six months. But it is recommended to wait for at least one year before giving cow milk to the baby directly. Breastfeeding can be continued even if you have introduced cow milk to your baby’s diet. Researchers recommend feed the baby with breast milk for at least two years. The breast milk is a very important factor in overall physical as well as mental growth of the baby. Below are some of the FAQs about cow milk in a baby’s diet which are being discussed briefly to present you a clear idea of it.

  • Cow milk not before six months: Cow milk does not contain the important iron sources which the baby needs in its initial growth stage so it is wise to give breast milk to the baby or use infant formula like Jacob Hooy Products for baby which has more iron and nutrient content in it. Cow milk is also difficult for your baby to digest it properly so it exerts a pressure on the digestive system of your baby. So it is advised to introduce cow milk only after at least six months. Many babies have intolerance towards cow milk also; they should be coaxed and gradually introduce cow milk to them.
  • Quantity of Cow milk: once your baby is more than a year old he needs quite a lot of nutrients in his diet. And cow milk is a very important source of all the nutrients, protein and vitamins a child need for his growth. Baby might need as much as 300 ml to 450 ml of cow milk per day in his diet. Cow milk has got the protein, calcium, magnesium and other vitamins which are very essential for a baby’s growth.
  • Full fat or toned milk: for many years it was considered that full fat milk is the best for infants as it contains the fat which gives the required energy to young ones. But many researchers conducted showed that skimmed or toned milk is good for toddlers as there is an increase in rate of obesity among infants. And it is also noted that there will be no deficiency if he baby is fed with skimmed milk. The milk given to the baby should be pasteurised and boiled as raw cow milk may have unwanted microbes in it. If you are giving skimmed milk to your baby make sure he gets fat from other food sources like vegetables, animal fats and others.
  • Encourage your baby to drink cow milk: Some babies may be allergic to cow milk at first but it can be gradually reduced by smartly encouraging your baby to drink it. Slowly and gradually your baby will adapt to the new taste of cow milk. Increase the amount of intake after a week or so. In this way your baby will gain the taste of cow milk in his diet.

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