Importance of Grammar in Creating a Professional Resume

Creating a professional resume is a must for job hunters. It is a proof of their experience and expertise in their field of industry. It serves as a ticket or invitation for an interview with the employer. So how do you create a good one? Start with checking your grammar.

Why Should You Care About Your Grammar?

I’m not applying for a writing or editing job, so I do not need to check on any rules on words usage, you might say. But remember, employers pay huge importance to communication skills. Although you might not be doing writing-extensive job, like creating PR news, you’ll be expected to communicate with clients from time to time or write a report about job status. Accept it, it will be part of your work at some point or another. And, more importantly, if there are two candidates with equal qualifications, the hiring staff or manager will surely choose the person with the better grammar skills.

Subject-Verb Agreement

Let us start with the basic S-V agreement. Remember what your teacher told you in school? If the subject is singular, use singular verb, not the other way around. Avoid such instances like below: Our team are in-charge with the daily monitoring of the departments operations.

If you will pertain to a group of people (department, staff, unit, etc.) or collective noun, use singular verbs.

Often Confused Words

They’re is different from their. It’s is never used as an alternative for “its.” And “were” is never the same as “we’re.” Be careful in using contractions. Using them wrong might lead to confusion on the part of your reader.


The error here is often committed when using bullet lists. Consider the following example.

My duty involves:

  • Replying to client emails
  • Writing status reports of projects
  • The spreadsheet should be up-to-date
  • Analyzing sales data

When you start your bullet list with a verb, be consistent throughout. If you start with a noun, do the same for the succeeded list.

Tools of the Trade

Remember to always use spellcheckers. They are free and very useful. And it would not take you a minute or two to find the grammar errors in your document.

Creating a professional resume should be the main focus of every applicant who is looking for job opportunities. In doing so, it is important to avoid grammatical errors.