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Importance of Manpower Planning In Your Business

‘Manpower is the driving force and the backbone of every organization which is why management gurus say that it’s critical for an organization to hire the right person for the right job. Hiring too many people implies wasting resources and hiring less number of people means you can’t manage your work load effectively. Hence, Manpower planning is required so that the apt workforce requirement can be determined.’

Every organization goes through different phases at different points of time where they have to meet different work load requirements. There may be seasons when they have to hire more workforce and seasons where they have to lay off too. Both scenarios require manpower planning to estimate the manpower requirement levels well in advance.

What is Manpower planning?
Manpower planning also known as Human Resource Planning is a procedure that entails analyzing current manpower levels, forecasting future manpower needs, devising suitable employment programs and developing training modules.

Why is it needed?
Organizations have to make sensible choices so as to utilize their limited resources effectively and the same applies for manpower as well. Planning workforce requirements has long run benefits, provided the right person is chosen for the right job.

Here are a few reasons why manpower planning is essential:

  • To estimate staffing levels as per the company’s forecasted work load
  • Anticipate future skill requirements
  • For matching skills within the organization’s existing workforce to fill vacancies rather than undertaking extra costs to hire new employees
  • Designing programs to maintain employee productivity and morale so as to get your work done effectively.

Importance of Manpower Planning
Human resource planning or manpower planning needs to be in synchronization with the company’s goals and objectives so that the right strength of manpower can be leveraged to get work done within the stipulated time.

Manpower planning is significant for organizations because:

  • It ensures the organization’s continuity of operations. Engaging in manpower planning aids in forecasting workforce demands while ensuring that there is a continuous availability of the same to meet the work demands.
  • It helps in coping with changes in the external factors like political, economic, technological and socio-cultural, that affect the organization
  • Through manpower planning the human resource requirements like the job skills needed, the experience levels, the number of people needed can be determined thus helping organization get better and talented personnel.
  • Training and development is done to upgrade existing employee skills and therefore improve their performance and productivity. To develop effective training and development programs, manpower planning is required.
  • Using human resource planning, organizations hire skilled and talented workforce which in turn helps in proper operations of the organization helping saving costs and time.
  • Uncertainties arising out of changes in process and procedure caused due to turnarounds like mergers and acquisitions are also reduced.

Essentially, manpower planning is a two-phased process which not only entails forecasting the future workforce needs but also devising effective training and development programs to enhance the productivity of the employees using the same statistics.

Organizations can either hire in-house HR professionals to handle their manpower recruitment services or simply outsource their human resources requirements to a manpower placement consultancy.

Have you considered manpower planning for your organization yet? Are you looking for reliable placement consultants in India? Post your requirements or simply visit us at www.raointernational.net for all information on manpower planning services.

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