Importance of reading

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Reading Habits: Pros and Pros

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The very thought of word “reading” brings about an illustration of illustrated books, magazines, newspapers, intellectuals and students. Besides enhancing the knowledge of a person reading acts as a catalyst in improving the overall personality of an individual. The seeds of reading when sown in one’s character reap the fruits of intelligence and improved mental ability. This source of knowledge can be easily accessed through newspapers, magazines and a numerous books available online as well as offline. E-books have also emerged as an appreciable option for those who want to gain knowledge without wasting paper and who don’t want to carry books with them all the time.

Regular reading habits help in raising the mental level of a person to a new high. Whatever a person reads it is etched in his thoughts forever and he tries to execute the same thing in his practical life. His applications become a sure evidence of his mental skills. Improved mental level means a more mentally disciplined person.

One more valuable thing which is otherwise hard to find is simply produced by reading in large amounts, that is, pleasure. People find solace of mind and soul in reading their favorite books of their favorite authors. The quest for the queries of their interests is successfully quenched by the books they read. Some people use their reading habit as a sleeping pill. They never go to sleep without reading a book.

Inculcating good reading habits in children at a young age helps to boost their vocabulary and grammar. This practice leads to the making of a very well balanced individual. Regular readers hardly make any mistakes in expressing their thoughts as far as grammatical part is concerned.

Reading also builds up the confidence of an individual and he tends to become an extrovert. A sense of group discussion is induced in him because he is well aware of things happening around him as he has a longing for reading. Reading makes a person expert in communication skills.

Reading literature of any kind helps us to connect ourselves with our past and ancestral backgrounds. One can learn to adopt good things from the past and attempts can be made to rectify the mistakes of the past by reading literature. As we are completely dependent on the inscriptions and descriptions for our historical knowledge reading is the only activity that can easily establish a link between past and the present. Adopting the good qualities from the past in the present can help to lay a strong foundation for our future.

Reading is a practice that has been practiced since time immemorial. People used to read and write ancient books and texts in the ages even before the birth of Christ. But at that time only few people were able to do so. So they acted as preachers and read aloud to satisfy the need of knowledge of others.

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