Important Considerations When Buying a Stair Lift

The elderly and people with mobility issues usually find it difficult to negotiate staircases. This restricts their movement to the upper levels of their home or office. If the building does not have enough space to accommodate an elevator, installing a stairlift could be the ideal option. Popular dealers offer different models of stair chair lifts from leading manufacturers. Selecting a device from among the many out there can prove to be a real challenge as the model chosen would have to meet the buyer’s specific mobility requirements and budget constraints as well as match the structure of the home and staircase.

How to go about purchasing a stairlift

To buy a stair lift, you need to locate an established, reliable dealer of accessibility equipment. Doing some research online can help you locate leading dealers who offer quality models of this mobility device for indoor and outdoor applications. Identify a dealer that offers customized installation and efficient support services. Consider the following points when you selecting your mobility device

• Type of stairways – You need to select a model based the type of staircase in your home and whether it is indoors or outdoors. Straight stair chair lifts can be set up on straight stairways. You would need a curved stair lift if your staircase in curved or has landings. Lifts for outdoor staircases come with a rugged, rust-free construction.

• Safety features – Homeowners need to ensure that they select a mobility device equipped with safety features to ensure free and convenient travel along the stairs. Reliable dealers offer models equipped with features such as locking swivel seat, arm rest and foot rest, on-board controls, directional paddle switches, foot plate and carriage safety sensors, remote controls, diagnostic digital displays, emergency stop button, and more.

• Budget – Make sure the dealer you choose offers quality devices at competitive prices. Some dealers also provide pre-owned lifts. The benefit of purchasing such a device is that it would have all the features of a new device and work just as well, but would be priced much lower. You need to ensure that the pre-used device has been thoroughly inspected and tested by certified and trained technicians.

• Installation and repair services – Purchase from a reliable dealer will ensure customized installation and prompt maintenance service. The right dealer will install the system without much structural modification to your home and also offer the services of an expert team for lift maintenance, including damage assessment, lubrication, repair, replacement of faulty parts, and more.

Considering all of these factors when you purchase a stairlift will ensure a satisfactory solution to your accessibility issues as well as value for money.