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Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Layout Design

Buying a new home, apartment or a condo unit surely changes you to become a huge decision-maker. But after all the purchasing procedures made, the next obstacle is to plan on the layout design. It may be easy to think of the basic necessities and requirements you have to be involved in the planning but other significant factors to be reviewed also include the following points.

1. Your lifestyle

If you’re living alone, a small floor plan may be enough but if you’d always have visitors coming or you have several family members, then a bigger one may be needed or give more space for the living room.

It’s your home so your personality and lifestyle should be applied. To further relate your lifestyle with the home layout, make sure that you have room for your hobbies and interests. If you like cooking or baking, opt for a bigger kitchen. If you love to play computer games, read and keep books, or exercise, take a look if you could leave a room particular for those interests where you could place your devices, cabinets or equipment.

2. Space

The available space is another important factor to consider especially if you have specific needs and purpose for having it. For instance, having kids or pets would mean a need for space for them to play, move around and explore. Or if you’re living together with friends, family or relatives, choose a layout where each person would have at least a decent space or room to sleep. If most of the occupants would not stay at home during the day, then the size of your home doesn’t need to be too big as well.

Plan on how the space would be used, whether furniture may be placed or not. What’s important is that the people would not experience a chess-like walking where each move would stop them from continuing to take another step.

3. Furniture

You wouldn’t have a hard time in choosing a layout design for your house if you have a wide space. But as development corporations build smaller homes and condominium units for sale, the furniture you’d bring in is a huge concern especially if you already have existing ones.

Measuring the size of the room and spaces is then a must to make sure that the furniture, cabinets and appliances you have would be accommodated while still allotting a space to move around. But if you’re planning to buy new ones, match them to the size and scale of the room.

4. Ventilation

Ventilation should be considered because a wider window or ventilation coverage may save you from paying a huge amount of electricity bills. It may also offer more convenience and comfort for your daily living if it is available, set up and used well.

Condominium units often only come with small windows like those found in Makati and Quezon City. Drying and hanging your clothes outside or on the windows may not even be allowed as ruled by the building administration. So check how air could ventilate around your house and if there would be enough light to pass through the windows first before you place your furniture to prevent any blockage.

5. Maintenance

The maintenance part of the house is usually ignored while deciding on its layout because the design is the focused topic. But while you’re at it, you should also evaluate how you would keep and live with the floor plan and design you’d be having.


Maintenance of your layout includes the preservation of your walls, ceiling and floor. Know that you might have to repaint the walls or put new wallpaper if they’re already damaged or torn. This factor also includes the electrical wiring and sewage setup you’d apply so confirm how they work and are located. The layout design you’d have is essential because it is yours to live in every day. It would be very fortunate if you have a big space to plan and design on but for most cases and for the trend today of only having small units, these factors are key to implement a comfortable living for you and your family.

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