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Important SEO Tips for Web Designers & Developers

Having a good web design is vital for every business that is looking for online success. When it comes to building a new website the web development team and SEO team work in union. A good web developer or designer puts in use the best SEO tools and social media marketing tools to build a website that is both user and internet friendly. To have a website that is SEO friendly requires you to develop good content and follow some basic SEO guidelines.

• Avoid over usage of Flash. Flash is a good feature that can provide users with a unique and fun experience. However search engines do not interpret Flash elements in the same way as HTML. To have an SEO friendly website, you should focus on HTML and plain text. Make use of specific keywords in title tags, alt tags and also in header tags.

• Search engine spiders are also unable to interpret JavaScript or any other language scripting. website developers should always keep in mind that, things that can easily be navigated by users also work well with the search engines.It is important to have your website content laid out in a way that it can easily be navigated.

• The main element of your page design is your title tag. Apart from helping search engine spiders find you easily, it can also prove helpful for the visitors. A title tag is the first line of the text that appears in search engine results for your website. Hence it is important that you include all the main keywords in the title tags. The title tag also appears as a page heading when readers open your website and when they bookmark your website, this title tag will appear on their bookmark list. It is always better to wait till the page is finished and then pick a title tag. This will help you choose from different keywords rather than writing content based on just a few keywords.

• The URL of the website is significant. A number of people overlook this factor and do not realize its importance because once the website is opened the URL does not matter. However URL’s are shared on social networking sites, they are written down and are also emailed. A good URL is one that best describes the content, is short and conveys the message appropriately. It should be such that the search bots can easily relate to the webpage. People usually use lowercase letters, hence it is better to avoid the uppercase letters.

• The time that a page takes to load is important. A page that loads quickly is always preferred by the users. When designing a web page it is better to keep in mind the mobile users. Today a significant percentage of people access the web through their phones, hence it is better to have a website that can open both on the traditional monitor and also on mobile.

Lastly web designers/developers should avoid the use of any Black Hat SEO techniques; your website can get penalized for using such techniques however using these simple tips, you’re making a good start on your website’s SEO.

About The Author
Johnny Huntington created numerous awards winning website designs in Dubai. He is a Managing Director of a leading Digital Agency ‘WeWantTraffic’ which also provides SEO Dubai services across Middle East region. He likes to blog and writes about web design tutorials, SEO, web development, social media marketing etc.

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