Important Steps to Generating Leads Using Postcard Mailing

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Postcards are popular marketing tools that many businesses have been using for years now. Even with the onset of modern methods of advertising, postcard mailing is still a reliable strategy especially for small scale business with limited resources. Indeed, postcards are inexpensive yet effective materials for advertising any product or service.

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But wait, you might be disappointed to know that selling a product or service through postcards can be difficult, if not impossible. That is, if the main goal is to actually close a sale with your postcard mailing campaign. It is hard to make a sales pitch with postcards alone. However, if you view your marketing postcards as tools to generate interest about your offering, then you are on the right track.

Lead generation should be your primary focus in your postcard mailing campaign. Printing postcards would be more rewarding for your business if you are set on finding new leads and getting inquiries from potential customers. You can’t just jam your postcards with all the necessary information in order to make a sale. The best thing to do is write a short and concise message that should tease the recipients about your offering. You may also include a call to action and an incentive offer to compel them to pick up the phone to call your shop or visit your website for additional information.

Here are a few easy steps that you may want to try in your postcard mailing campaign, which can help your lead generation activity:

• Purchase or lease a highly targeted mailing list from a reliable mailing list vendor. You may also use your own list based on your customer database.

• Set up a landing page in your website where your prospects and clients can grab the incentive offer that you indicated in your postcards. You can also use this landing page to capture the basic contact information of your recipients.

• Address and mail out the postcards. You can do the job either in-house or hire a third party provider to handle the entire mailing process. Speaking of which, there are print shops out there that, aside from printing postcards, offer mailing services as well. You may want to avail of such package in order to reduce your costs and effort.

• Once the recipients act on your offer, stay true to your promise and deliver the incentives accordingly.

• With the collected contact information, send out a follow up postcard mailing your prospects and encourage them into making a purchase, effectively turning the leads into paying customers.

Marketing postcards are more suited for sales lead generation activities. You cannot expect these printed materials to exclusively carry out a sales pitch. That job is more appropriate for brochures or catalogs. But you can always use your postcards to promote your brand and motivate people to take the step toward the sales process. With this goal in mind, you can effectively plan your marketing move and create the best postcards to get the job done.

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Important Steps to Generating Leads Using Postcard Mailing, Seekyt
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