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Important Things Covered On Fire Safety Courses and Training

An organization may need a bespoke fire safety training that informs workers and employees of information, which is particular to their own procedures like the sound that the alarm makes, where to assemble after evacuating the building and who is responsible for specific roles such as fire marshal, etc. The main objective of the fire safety courses and trainings is to provide an updated, well-informed and knowledgeable of the sources of fires, how to protect yourself and as well as how to put off fires from occurring. Fire safety training can vary depending on the information and what is needed by the training. There are many fire training courses, but three major ones are:

Fire Extinguisher Training

This course helps your workers and employees to meet the requirements in the Reform Order on the ‘use of firefighting equipment’. The course Content includes:

  • The right identification of fire extinguisher kinds, including signs and color bands
  • Ordinary features of fire extinguishers
  • The right selection of extinguishers for various types of fire
  • Practical demonstration with use of extinguishers by delegates

This course includes a live fire session, where the trainer uses a purpose built ‘gas simulator’ unit for fire training purposes. It provides delegates a more practical and interesting experience that can lead to enhanced confidence in an actual fire situation.

Fire Marshal Training:

This course is customized to the requirements of the potential Fire Marshal. It can be modified to suit a particular audience.

  • Subjects covered include:
  • Causes of workplace fires
  • Fire safety precautions
  • Emergency plan requirements
  • Fire Law
  • Reducing the risks
  • Fire fighting procedures and Fire action planning
  • Carrying out and monitoring a fire drill
  • Fire extinguisher recognition and use theory
  • Practical use of fire extinguishers
  • The basics of fire risk assessment

Apart from these important fires trainings, there are a few other accredited qualifications or courses like the NEBOSH General Certificate, NEBOSH Fire Certificate courses (focus, particularly on fire safety), IOSH Managing Safely courses and other NEBOSH diploma. However, the depth of information with particular dangers will vary, depending upon the kind of course and most of them are covered some issues like how fires are started, how to put off them, fire evacuation procedures , fire risk assessments and of course the responsibilities of people such as fire marshals.

Fire Safety Adviser (FSA) Training

This training offer participants with the skills and information to carry out the duty of a Fire Safety consultant, such as; risk management strategies and advise on the emergency planning process.

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