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Important Things to Know about Dot Peen Marking Machines

As in aerospace and automobile industry in particular unique identification of components and parts and the seal of global standard are crucial, precision driven dot peen technology is widely preferred over other marking technologies. Dot peen systems are widely considered as the permanent marking technology for any surface material. This marking technology is also widely used in agricultural products, heavy mechanical industry equipment and products, oil & gas industry machineries, electronics and electrical components, transport, automotive and logistical industries and in construction equipment.

Dot peen marking technology is regarded to be the ideal technology for the permanent marking of metal and plastic surfaces. There are various types of dot peen marking machines characterized differently as per their diverse use and marking techniques.

What to look for in quality dot peen marking machines?

A little knowledge of how this technology offers more precision in marking will be helpful to choose the right machine and technology that you require for your purpose. First of all it should provide clean and precise dotted marks on metal and plastic surfaces across small and medium parts and components irrespective of the working environment. Secondly, the machine must consume minimum electricity and should offer elaborate control as far as the flow of current is concerned. Thirdly, such machines must be able to mark with low operational cost. Other important attributes that one must look for in state of the art dot peen marking machines include radiation resistance, higher adaptability in different environments and anti-jamming properties to assure smooth function. Availability of customization options further makes these machines more useful for a variety of industrial purposes.

Uses of dot peen marking machines

Dot peen marking machines are used for all types of marking over a wide array of metal surfaces and a wide variety of small, medium and delicate parts and components in different industrial environments and atmospheres. The additional rotary feature in modern dot peen machines further accentuates the capability to mark any type of surface with any diameter and dimension. Dot peen marking can offer superior quality marking impression for a variety of contents including text contents comprising any character, numeric values, bar codes and other types of codes, logos, graphic symbols, date and time, 2 dimensional lines, etc. Other diverse uses of this precision marking technology include nameplate marking, component identification, lot numbering, circle marking in pipe, tube and other fittings, VIN code marking, marking for different internal and external tracking purposes, bowl marking, pump and gear marking, cast & forge marking, tools marking, shift and batch coding, metal level encoding, etc.

Such marking technology is useful for products, equipment, parts, components and machineries pertaining to various types of industries, including aeronautics and aerospace industry, automotive, transport, electronics, metal processing, engineering products, mining and medical equipment. Industries that particularly require precision driven marking on diverse metal surfaces across various components and parts for maintaining global standards in referential information comprising barcodes, grade and industry certification, require this marking technology most. Aerospace materials and components, high quality automobile parts and certain medical equipment use this marking technology most.

HeatSign is a leading wholesaler and supplier of industrial marking systems in China, offers a full line of dot peen marking machines ( www.heatsign.com/products/dot- )and laser marking equipment for engraving or etching text, bar codes, 2-D codes, logos or graphics on metals, paper, glass, ceramic, etc. To learn more about direct part marking, visit Wikipedia.

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