News Impractical Blunders Devastating Your Hard Work To Get Your...

Impractical Blunders Devastating Your Hard Work To Get Your Ex Back


Are You A Victim Of These Mistakes?

How hard have you been working to get back your ex without bearing any fruits? You will be amazed to learn that the problem isn’t what you are not doing. You may be listening to people who tell you that you are not doing enough, keep on trying hard. What is holding you back are things that you are certainly doing. The actions that you have taken are the ones that are working against you.

Are you surprised? Many people in your situation do.

Below you will learn common mistakes that are ruining your chances of getting back with your ex. You will realize these mistakes happen because you are following your instincts.

Mistake #1: You Are Always Around Your Ex

This might appear a good idea to you. At least, that is what your instinct is telling you. You think being around your ex will show them how much you care about them. By the fact that you are always there whenever your ex needs you, gives them all the benefits of a loving relationship. On their side, they are not doing enough to maintain this relationship. This is a win-lose scenario.

Do you remember it’s said that you don’t know what you have until it’s taken away from you? Your ex will never really understand how valuable you were by you being around. Let them feel the emptiness you’ ve created by not being available. That’s the only time they will recognize how imperative you were in their lives. Give your ex room to start missing you.

Mistake #2: You Keep Trying

80% of people make this mistake. They are so desperate to get their ex back. I know this goes against what is on your mind right now. Your instinct tells you that if you don’t keep in contact with your ex, they might forget about you. This is a huge mistake.

Do you find yourself doing these mistakes?

  • Calling
  • Texting
  • Facebook Messaging
  • Emailing
  • Online Contact (Skype, WhatsApp, Twitter)

Pat Benatar wasn’t wrong when she performed, “Love is a Battlefield.” Just like wars, the strongest army wins. Why do they win? Because they had a workable strategy. Love is no different. You need to sit back, assess the situation and plan a strategic move in order to attain your victory. You better have a mindset that love is war. With a well laid down plan will surely guarantee you a victory and for a long time.

Mistake #3: You Are Approaching From A Weak Side

If you’ve been watching NCIS television series, you have heard time and again team leader Gibbs telling his team they should not apologize. Gibbs says that apologizing is a sign of weakness. Although, this can be debated, you don’t wonna make your move from a weak position. Often in a relationship, the person leaving is usually seen as a weaker partner.

Let your ex see your authority. Establish your control. Don’t sneak in from a weak position. Don’t let your ex see you stumbling. Your confidence shows how sexy you are. Your ex will get attracted to it. Show them you are here to stay and you don’t want this relationship to end. Contribute to your relationship confidently.


People have been pushed by their instincts to make a move. And they move in hurriedly without any plan. This is a wrong move and it will bring turmoil to your relationship than it can do any good. Have a strategy if you want to experience a favorable result. You should be prepared to stay focused even if it doesn’t work out this time round. Focus on the long-term reward. Every plan is geared towards leading you to a happy end.

Impractical Blunders Devastating Your Hard Work To Get Your Ex Back
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