Impress Your Customers With A Stylish Pocket Brochure

design fx brochuresPocket Brochures Prove That Printed Media Still Packs A Punch

Pocket brochures may not sound as snazzy as inbound marketing, but make no mistake, printed media still works. Here we take a look at why.

When it comes to promotion and marketing, companies have a wide range of options available to them; the methods and strategies which work best is largely dependent on the type of company.

Printed media often gets a bad rap in this digital age, but there are plenty of options that shouldn’t be discounted. One such promotional tool is a pocket brochure.

What Is A Pocket Brochure?

Pocket brochures are a fantastic alternative to traditional brochures. A pocket brochure, sometimes referred to as a professional presentation folder, is a cross between a folder and a brochure. They contain full-colour inserts that include information about the company and images of a business’s products and services.

Promoting Products And Services

The main benefit of opting to have pocket brochures is that they are a great way of presenting your products and services to a customer. They are equally suitable for informing potential customers about your business and also for letting current customers know about services and products they may not yet have tried.

Customers are provided with both written and visual information and this will help them to make an informed decision about what they want from your business. You can design your pocket brochures to fit in with your branding strategy while also presenting the information in a visually appealing way.

Creating A Professional Image

The impression you give to potential customers and clients plays a vital role in your overall success. Creating a positive image for your business can make all the difference between whether a customer chooses to buy your products or use your services.

Choosing quality promotional materials can help you to create this profile for your company. It will give you an image of being a modern and professional business. It also gives the impression that you are already in a successful position as you have the means to provide customers with quality materials. This can persuade a potential customer that you are the type of company that they want to give their business to and will help them to trust your company.

Staying In The Forefront Of A Customer’s Mind

The problem with many promotional strategies is that your chosen method may capture someone’s attention in the first instance, but then your business is soon forgotten. For example, if you advertise using a billboard, people may have forgotten about the information included on the advertisement by the time they get access to a telephone or the Internet.

Similarly, a customer might come across your business when browsing online. Unless they are ready to buy a product or order a service at that point, what they read on the website may soon be forgotten. By the time they are ready to order, they may simply restart their search and opt for the products or services of a competitor.

Giving potential customers pocket brochures resolves this issue. If you opt to use pocket brochures, the customer has a constant reminder of what your business has to offer as they have physical materials to hand that provide them with all the information they need about your company.

Overall, pocket brochures offer an excellent solution to promoting your products and services. As well as acting as a promotional tool, they can also help you to create a professional image and are a great way of getting customers to remember your company as they have immediate access to the relevant information.

To learn more about how traditional printed media can boost your marketing, contact Design FX Studio, who have been helping SME’s improve their visual communications and corporate image since 1993.