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Improve Water Quality with Micro Filtered Water Solutions

Having our bodies hydrated with enough water is part of life. Without water, we die! It’s more than just going to the kitchen and getting a drink from the tap. Sometimes water quality can be questionable. Other problems might arise as well be it the government having a water restriction, or you might just be in a rural area and you have to take what you can get when it comes to water. There is a simple solution to all these issues above. That simple solution is a process called “Micro Filtered Water Solutions.” But what’s that you might ask? Where can I get this type of water? Well mate, good news! In this article, we will cover these questions. Let’s get started!

What is Micro Filtration?

Microfiltration is the physical filtering process of contaminated water that pass through special needle-top membranes to filter microorganisms and separate particles from the liquids. This process is usually in combination with other filtration processes such as reverse osmosis that help water be free from undesired contamination. Microfiltration that uses membranes focuses on portable water supplies to give you the best water available so you can avoid water from streams that might contain pathogens.

Micro Filtered Water Reliability

There are many different companies in today’s market that can bring you transported bulk liquids. The problem most companies have when they bring you these liquids is they haven’t mastered the process of shelf-life. When companies develop their bulk liquids, only have about a 4 to 5-week limit to how the quality and taste. This is because the bag/liner that is used in their product is oxygen sensitive. So now the question is who can you count on to bring you a high-quality water that is of the best quality and has a long shelf-life?

Micro Filtered Water Solutions

If you are in need of a high-quality micro-filtered water solution that has an extended shelf-life and sold in a bulk package then, you will want to go with a high quality vendor that knows the importance of having quality water that will maintain its taste for a long period in the quantity you need it in. Here are the benefits of choosing Micro Filtered Water Solutions.

• Quality/Taste: Micro-filtered water accredited by NATA will give you all the upfront details of scientific mineral make-up of the packaged water to ensure the best quality and best tasting water.

• Bulk Water: Some manufacturers realize that you might have a demand for a large quantity of quality micro-filtered water, so they offer products in large bulk containers that are ideal for long-term water needs. These companies may provide discounts on larger orders.

• Extreme Shelf-Life: When it comes to micro-filtered water, it is best to go with a trusted product that has an extreme shelf life where the product will be tamper proof. The only way micro-filtered water can have this long term shelf life is with having a triple oxygen liner. When oxygen barriers have been put in place, this ensures the longevity of the product.


When you are looking for a micro-filtered water solution that comes in bulk, has great taste and extreme shelf life, you might have your research cutout for you. There are quality micro-filtered water companies out there that might be in your area, but you will have to choose the right company like AquaPax that can fulfill your micro-filtered water needs.

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