Improve Wifi Signal Using Powerline Adapter and Wi-Fi Booster

If the wireless network connection of your house or office is highly shaky and you get very poor or no signal in certain areas, then you need a Wi-Fi Booster. Also, known as Wi-Fi amplifiers or repeaters, these boosters enhance the WiFi signal of your router. Thus, the signal gets pushed to even those areas where otherwise you experience very poor signal reception. Powerline adapters are also very effective devices that enhance the WiFi range when used in your home or office. Wi-Fi booster and Powerline adapter serve the common purpose, but the two devices operate in different methods. The article describes the two devices in detail.

In every home or office premises, there might exist dead Wi-Fi spots where there is no or poor signal reception. These dead spots chiefly exist either because of too much distance from the router or presence of physical barriers such as thick walls, metal bodies, steak angles, etc. Wi-Fi repeaters and Powerline adapter help in overcoming the distance barriers and physical obstacles. The article describes the functioning process of Wi-Fi boosters and Powerline adapters.

What is Powerline Adapter?

If you want complete Wi-Fi network coverage in your office or house, then you can try using the Powerline adapter. These adapters use the existing wiring of a building for transmitting the wireless signal, and thus there is no requirement of any new cabling. One unit of Powerline adapter contains two devices, known as adapters. To use the device, first you need to plug one adapter into a power outlet and then use an Ethernet cable to connect the adapter to the router. Now, the wireless signal from the router will travel to other rooms via the building’s electrical wiring. To receive the wireless signal in the other room, use an Ethernet and connect the second adapter with the device in which you want to use the connection. Then plug in the adapter into a power outlet.

The wireless signal will use the existing electrical wiring of your office or house and thus will get the connection from the router to your device.

What is a Wi-Fi Booster?

WiFi boosters neither require any wiring nor use any cables. It is a standalone device with two antennas, using one antenna for receiving the signal and then rebroadcasting it using the second antenna. Before rebroadcasting the WiFi signal, the device amplifies the signal so that its range gets enhanced. Thus, the signal reaches even the next rooms or dead spots.

These boosters expand the signal so that it reaches far off rooms also. But in the process of expansion, the original potential speed of the signal gets reduced. The drop in the speed is not detectable while you do light browsing, but in case of video streaming or gaming, you might notice the substantial decrease in the speed.

The speed of the wireless connection cuts down because the bandwidth data that was earlier consumed by the router only, now gets divided between the booster and the router. Thus, if you wish to use the extended Wi-Fi connection for heavy browsing like video streaming, then it is advisable that you use the Powerline adapters. This adapter operates as a single device, and there is no scenario like sharing of bandwidth. Thus, the signal remains strong. Moreover, while you use a WiFi repeater, make sure that you place it in a central location, which is close to the dead spot as well as to the router.

Wrap Up

About the Powerline Adapters and Wi-Fi repeaters, you need to remember that these devices are capable of boosting the WiFi signal range but it doesn’t enhance the Internet speed. By enhancing the range, these devices ensure that you get seamless wireless connectivity even in those locations that were earlier referred as dead spots. But don’t expect to have an increased Internet speed after using these devices. Lastly, even if you use these devices, don’t forget to update your router from time to time to avoid any major security mishaps.