Improve your Bedroom Performance without Drugs

As we get older our bodies change. Hair starts to fall out, weight gain takes place, fatigue sets in easier, and bedroom performance is lacking. All around, we don’t feel the same as we used to. Many men take extreme measures to combat these natural signs of aging by taking all sorts of prescription medications. They try testosterone drugs, and anti-depressants. They take tablets, pills, and vitamins. While these drugs do work, they also have some bad side effects. Instead of popping pills, combat the signs of aging naturally with these methods.

Get Some Exercise

Everyone knows that exercising is important for their health. However, they still avoid it as though it were bad for them. Instead of trying to combat your conditions with a pill, combat the reason that you developed that condition in the first place.

Exercise does not have to be hard, instead it can be as simple as walking. In fact, walking a mere 30 minutes per day has been linked to numerous health benefits. Don’t think you have 30 minutes? Just 10 minutes around the block after each meal. Who knows, you might like it.

Eat the Right Foods

Americans don’t have a problem with eating enough. And while many try to be healthy, the ease and tastiness of some foods is just too much for them to avoid. They consume hamburgers and hot dogs by the fistful, and in the end their heart and health suffer.

Pay attention to what you eat! Skip the processed stuff (that’s almost everything that’s a pre-prepared meal; yes even those lean microwavables are NOT healthy). Instead, load up on fruits and veges, eat lots of fish, and opt for the whole grains instead of white breads.

Watch Your Cholesterol

High blood pressure and high cholesterol are the bane of many men’s existence. While these can usually be combated with eating the right foods, sometimes that is not enough. While prescription medication is not the answer to all of life’s problems, sometimes it is necessary.

Keeping your blood healthy can help keep the rest of you healthy. Blood that flows freely throughout the body means that you can avoid ED easier than those who don’t care about their blood.

Trim Your Waistline

If you follow the three steps above, this one shouldn’t be a problem. But studies show that those with a 32 inch waist are the healthiest; and they have the least risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction.

If you want to make sure you don’t come up lacking in the bedroom, keep yourself fit and trim.

ED plagues millions of men every single year. A big cause is that by the time they are older, these men have let their overall health deteriorate. If you want to make sure to please your lady well into your golden years, get started early keeping your overall health in check.