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Imprtance of Dresses for Woman on Wedding Day

Wedding dresses are the new status symbol. As it becomes more and more acceptable for normal women to demand every extravagance for their weddings, their dresses end up representing all of their hopes and dreams for their ceremonies.

A woman’s wedding is perhaps her only opportunity to spend top dollar for a couture gown. Even women who are otherwise frugal will spare no expense when it comes to their wedding dresses. The bridezilla trend lines up nicely against the social media explosion. A woman who is accustomed to photographing herself and who may have amassed a decent online following will place a massive emphasis on her wedding photos. She will understand that, after all is said and done, the pictures will be the only part of her wedding day that she gets to keep. Designer wedding dresses are integral components of this, the biggest photo shoot of every modern woman’s life.

The bridal gown industry is practically its own culture within the broader world of fashion. Wedding dress designers who are practically unheard of in mainstream fashion are highly sought-after by brides for their intricate, expensive gowns. These days, a wedding dress has to be more than just a dress. Even a classic princess gown has to have components and details that separate it from the pack and illustrate how expensive it is. A dress has to be more than simply pretty.

Women who are not particularly stylish in their day-to-day lives suddenly become style experts when they start shopping for their wedding dresses. No one wants a pretty, flattering A-line dress with a fluffy skirt anymore. Women want directional, fitted mermaid silhouettes with flared bottoms. They want long trains made of handmade lace. They want diamante belts and shoulder straps in addition to the embellishments that are already on the gowns. There is no such thing as too much.

The sense of excess extends to the bridesmaids dresses. Even junior bridesmaid dresses for the younger members of the bridal party can cost several hundred dollars. The upside is that the hilariously hideous bridesmaid dresses of yore are largely a thing of the past; today’s image-conscious bride would never let herself be photographed next to dresses that represented poor taste.

None of these trends seem unlikely to change. If anything, wedding style savvy is only on the upswing, thanks to social media and the countless television programs documenting wedding planning and dress shopping.

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