In 15 years, all cars will be telematic

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In 15 years, all cars will be telematic

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In 15 years, all cars will be telematic, Seekyt

In 15 years, all cars will be telematics. The number of cars equipped with mobile connectivity is multiplied sevenfold in the next five years and its market will be worth nearly 40,000 million euros in 2018.

All cars will be telematics within 15 years, according to the company Octo Telematics, a pioneer in the development of telematics applications in the insurance, ‘renting’ and automobile. Applied to automotive telematics serves to allow vehicles to be wireless communications with the outside, or even between cars themselves.

Mobile operators estimate that in 2018, the global market of connected cars will be so fast you will have a value of 13,000 million euros in 2012-40000 million in 2018.

With this growth market telematics car, according Octo, it is to fulfill the demand of regulators and of European consumers, concerned about road safety and protection of passengers and pedestrians, but also for entertainment, information and navigation from the vehicle. At the IFA 2013 show marks the latest in connectivity.

Italy’s remember that there will be a long wait to drive the car of the future, because since October 1, 2015, new cars and vans produced in the European Union should be approved and marketed with an eCall device or emergency call integrated .

To this end, member countries will have mobile networks and reception centers PSAP emergency call (point public safety answering) adapted to the system. The eCall system could save about 1,500 lives in Europe (5% of the number of deaths from road accidents, which are the eighth leading cause of death worldwide) and reduce serious injuries by 6% annually.

When operational, the eCall system, similar to the operation of the ‘airbag’ way, recognize that there has been an accident and perform an automatic call to 112, while sent an MSD (minimum data set) as vehicle position and direction of travel, type and model of vehicle, among others.

In Spain, Octo Telematics has already equipped more than 100,000 cars with devices that function as the eCall system and more than 2 million vehicles travel throughout Europe Octo telematics devices, which have managed 480,000 accidents.

In this regard, the positive regulations by Europe, Russia and Brazil, will make telematic services (technology integration and communication) become a reality next year. Telematics is the process of computerized information transmission over long distances, which was made using GPS (satellite and position); GSM (telephony) and sensors in vehicles. One example is Formula 1, which is controlled by telematics technology and real-time the most important parameters and key data of the cars in the race.

Thus, car telematics can choose routes or know the traffic in real time; give warnings of a breakdown or emergency; locate and recover the car in case of theft; dynamically estimate emissions or even lowering the amount of insurance policies, thanks to data on how to drive the devices offer insurance, ‘he says in a note Davide De Sanctis, director of Octo Telematics to Spain and Portugal.

Moreover, according Octo, telematics car insurance reduces by 14% the frequency of claims of policyholders with respect to traditional policies. The average cost per injury descends 100 euros, as in the case of slight damage, as is the case of whiplash, reducing the average cost is 1,000 euros, says Jonathan Hewett, Head of Marketing of Octo.

Telematics also allows customization of policies, since the relationship established between company and customer is much more direct and transparent insurance telematics and embedded devices in vehicles to define the usage profile of the actual conductor, not the policyholder.

This ensures that the insurer can know where, how and how much the vehicle, so that it can assess the real risk and adjust or customize the policy premium is used, and the driver count with a technology that allows you to travel more secure and also save money compared to the current situation.

Thanks to telematics, the cars of the future will almost autonomous. Here we leave a living example: the Mercedes S 500 Intelligent Drive, the autonomous car.


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In 15 years, all cars will be telematic, Seekyt
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