In Danger of Being Homeless? Help Programs and Options

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If you are truly in danger of being homeless and need help, there are some good options you have to keep in mind, so you don’t end up living on the streets. Believe it or not, there are several government programs and other options you have to get through the desperate times you are facing. You must take actions to avoid becoming a statistic –don’t let yourself fall through the cracks.

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Rent Assistance Programs: There are several of them out there where you can get help with paying your rent, even if you are behind. The Human Services department of your local courthouse can help you keep afloat and keep a roof over your head.

Low Income Housing: Even small cities have low income housing. If you are in danger of becoming homeless, you can help yourself by looking into this type of program. Most areas require you to pay 40% of your gross income (maximum) for rent. This means you will always have shelter.

Transitional or Bridge Housing: It’s designed as a transition from homeless to sheltered living. You can generally stay at these places for 12-18 months, free of charge to give you time to get back on your feet. Most are shared living facilities, but are state inspected, so they are clean and in decent repair.

Emergency Shelter: Are you being kicked out by a boyfriend or girlfriend? Are you abused? Emergency shelter, often in the form of battered women shelters are out there.

Hotel Vouchers: Many local government agencies or church groups provide this type of shelter, although it is temporary. If you are in danger of being homeless and need help, this may buy you enough time to get back on your feet.

Friends and Family: If you have them, swallow your pride and ask them for a place to live, even if it’s temporary. This can serve you well.

Cyber Begging: It’s today’s version of panhandling done online. I’m not sure how effective it actually is, but it’s worth a shot since there are many free sites to use.

Fight Foreclosure: If you are losing your house due to foreclosure, show up in court and fight. In many cases, you can buy yourself some extra time from the judge. It’s one of the single most effective methods, believe it or not. Put together a plan for repayment to satisfy the courts and ask for a 30-60 day extension.

Welfare: If you are truly in danger of having no place to live, there should be some form of temporary assistance or welfare programs you can qualify for.

Seek Substance Abuse Counseling: If you have an addiction, there are many treatment facilities that will give you a place to live while you get sober and complete their 30 day programs.

Work Anywhere: I don’t care if you’re flipping burgers or cleaning toilets; any income is better than no income. Take whatever you can get and make payments, even if not enough to cover rent or mortgage arrears to show good faith. This will buy you some time.

Sell Everything: Keep some clothes and get rid of everything else. We are a spoiled society. Cell phones, televisions, four wheelers, and even vehicle are not necessities.

If you are in danger of being homeless and need help, one of these options just may get you out of the problems you are facing.

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In Danger of Being Homeless? Help Programs and Options, Seekyt
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